Dj David Soto

AKA Dj David Soto


World traveler, saxophonist and music purveyor. I started DJing, by accident in Korea after a night club owned by gangsters gave this guy a lot of money to buy equipment for their next club, he ran off, so opening night, I had to DJ. That was 1994, they brought in a DJ from the Hyatt who trained my up. got my first gigs at a Japanese surf bar in Osaka. I played dub and jungle. In Seoul, I played house at the first clubs there in the Hong Ik area. Next, I worked in East London at Miloco studios , I got to watch producers like James Lavelle work, my favorite Dj was Milo(original member of the Wild Bunch/ Massive Attack) His sets were the most dynamic at 333. I got into world music and would often follow Gilles Peterson and his nights at Bar Rumba. Back in the US, I started a radio show called the Fanastic Planet on 91.7 WMSE in Milwaukee. There I honed my skills, mixing funk, jazz, and world. I moved to Taipei and played at Barcode, and now, I am in Dubai, playing at Barasti


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Barasti Beach Bar
Hip Hop Soul Funk Jazz Moombahton
Friday, Saturday, Tuesday

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