Dj Chris Roxstar

AKA Chris Roxstar


Chris Roxstar re-defines energy on the dance floor. His passion for uplifting and energizing EDM shows in both his productions and his live performance and borrows from his past experiences in the US national scene. Multifaceted to say the least, Roxstar has done many styles of events ranging from radio, nightclub and corporate events (Puma, Mixvibes, etc.), “rave” all the way to cruise ships for Disney and beyond. His style evolved over the years and never stops advancing - given our high-demand scene today – to encompass and include the freshest complex productions and technical DJ sets. He currently calls Las Vegas home, which serves him with many opportunities in the newly found Mecca of EDM in the US. His Vegas gigs include events at Voodoo Lounge, the upscale Azure Pool (Palazzo) and Blue Martini, just to name a few.
Chris Roxstar began remixing in 2002, mashing up popular hip-hop acapellas with electro and house beats to please the crowds with a fresh sound....


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