Deejay Dumb Bii

AKA Bizeek


Genres of EDM, florida breakbeats, turntablism hip-hop and mainstream Top 40 is what i am accustomed to.

Been deejaying since 1999, and focused on turntablism, most likely dj Q-bert style. Nowadays, mixing brostep(dubstep), complextro house, and Trap music as main focus of genre.

i used to produce breaks in FL Studio from version 6 through 9.
now still learning to use Ableton to produce quality Trap & Electro house. this has been going on throughout 2012 to now.

I just recently graduated from University of Mississippi, and i used to get my bar gigs up around there, in a town called Oxford. spent about $14,000 on deejay equipment alone.

Now having to finish college and moving back down to hometown Biloxi MS, i'm still trying to get a gig or 2 inside the casinos of Beau Rivage or Hard Rock, but it's rather pretty hard and based on networking of people. Hope anyone who reads my bio has better luck than me real soon if you are doing the same thing. Peace!