AKA DarkLight


It started way back… growing up, DarkLight always had a curiosity to know what every knobs and buttons meant in any equipment I came across. Also, living with his music obsessed cousin and uncle at that time he lived, ate and breathed music. Though the real start up and interest came in when he was 15, his cousin brought an old second-hand belt drive turntable running through a cheap 4 lines Gemini mixer paired with a tape deck…yup, a tape deck. He remembered while kids were playing with their Superman toys, DarkLight wanted to just keep trying to mix a vinyl with the music playing on the tape. Day in and day out he was trying; he would get mad or lose my cool but never stopped, and finally one day he did it… As DarkLight was telling the story, it’s like it was the time of his life; his first mix after months of trying happened with Afrika Bambataa’s Planet Rock mixed with a Caribbean group called Kassav, yeah! Weird mix but since then he’s been able to repeat that mix with eyes closed.