DJ Tank

AKA MR. Wax Wizard


I've been spinning 30 years. i have currently 3 1/2 basements full of records. when final scratch first came out, i really didn't like it one bit. it's very slow with loading data. i could not really do the scratches that i wanted to do. then my friend, who dj's at a radio station had a serato. the thing's i seen him do made my mouth drop. i am, and will always be a fan of vinyl. this is something that i live & die for. playing off a laptop is something I'm not crazy about. soooo, i kept spinning my records while everyone else converted friend, dj art" pumpin " payne had switch over to serato, i still was not convince up until i tried his serato in late 2007 at a party he was djing at. at the time , i did not know how to work serato or his laptop for that matter. but once i caught on, i said it's my time to get one. loooooooooong story short, i now have one & i never look back. I'm not a fan of laptop, but, if this invention help's me make more money without breaking my back,