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"Turn The Tables"

Reverse the positions of adversaries. The phrase is often used when the weaker position subsequently becomes dominant.

�Whosoever thou art that dost another wrong, do but Turn the Tables: imagine thy neighbor were now playing thy game, and thou his." Robert Sanderson's XII sermons, 1634

"The Show is designed to connect the table turners with their fans and the mainstream."
Peter Levitt LA DIRECT MAGAZINE (interview with Corey Smiley)

TURN TABLES, beauty, talent, hard work, romance, ambition, and the fascinating travels of seven female DJs as they work, spin, and play their way through the circuitry of the electronic dance music community.

It is here where we will see what it truly takes to be a successful female DJ in a male-dominated industry. Turn the Tables show is a character driven immersion in the highly competitive world of music production and the required passion to spin at the world's hottest clubs and parties. The series follows a core group of characters and their unique experiences as they spin their way through careers, family, and love all while experiencing varying cultures traveling throughout the world. Industry movers, fellow DJs, and even an eclectic group of friends revolve around the atmosphere created by the trendsetter and new rock-star of the day. Turn the Tables offers a twist and carries the female DJ experience to the highest level. The later episodes will detail the tremendous amount of preparation, dedication, and work involved.

Corey James Smiley/DJ Psycosmiley is a DJ/Producer/Re-mixer who has been spinning records and producing dance music since he was a teenager in New Orleans, Louisiana. Currently living in Los Angeles, Corey is creating and starring in a television show featuring seven dynamic and talented female DJs: DJ MACY GRAY (Producer) DJ Spinderella, legendary DJ to the hip-hop trio Salt N Pepa, is making her way on the tables today and in front the camera. DJ Colleen Shannon, "The World's Sexiest DJ� and Playboy Playmate's 50th Anniversary cover model spins worldwide from LA to Dubai. Los Angeles� number one hip-hop radio DJ for 102.3 KJLH, Ji Ji Sweet, the �Hustle Girl� is the voice of hip-hop culture. DJ Reid Speed is the wide eyed hard working hopeful of dominating the remix world and spinning across the planet, to DJ Rashida, Prince�s personal tour DJ and resident on America�s Best Dance Crew; she�s a beautiful mix of soul and elegance intertwined with musical forte. DJ Shortee,�Queen of the Scratch World� and the �World�s Premier DJ�. Shortee is an inspiration to female DJs worldwide is recognized as one of the most diverse & technically skilled female DJs in the world and her career is highlighted by an unparalleled series of firsts in the DJ community. And, DJ Tatiana Fontes, one of the worlds�s rising top electronica DJS and turntable pioneer; she is recognized as a pop music presence in and out of the studio and respected in the DJ community. DJ Sivuplay, Her efforts continually open new doors for younger aspiring female DJs not only in America but also worldwide. SiVuPlay is a spear-head for the next generation of female DJs who brings to the table the unique and delicate elegance of a woman all while maintaining raw and authentic DJ skills and energy.