DJ G-Rebel

AKA G-Rebel


In 1994 he came into the hip hop world through a promotional cd of Shaq o'Neal with features of Phife Dawg and Erick Sermon. As young as he was this was something that he had never heard before. From now on he was listening to hip hop every day. In '95 his father showed him where to get vinyl in his hometown. At the age of 15 the BEAT BOX was the store where he spent numerous hours to dig for records. At 16 he got a Gemini PT-1000 turntable from his parents on which he was learning his first scratch and mix moves. He did his first ''one tape one turntable'' mixtapes because he couldn't afford a second record player.
Two years later he took all his money and bought 2 Technics MKII. From now on he was perfecting his skills. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He made warmup for Gang Starr, Boot Camp Clik, Brand Nubian.

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