DJ Em Nice

AKA DJ MoRican


Started out DJing in 1984 in Brooklyn (BedStuy), New York. Cut my teeth on a pair of SL D2s then upgraded to the 1200s. Nothing like the 1200s. Moved into the CDJ realm in 2007 with a pair of Denon 3500s. In 2009 I sold the 3500s and picked up a set of 3700s and was amazed. The 9inch vinyl is a true vinyl and the platter was just like the 1200s. Just about 1 month ago (June 2012) I sold my 3700s and picked up pair of the 3900s and I am hooked and I am a believer. Denon was able to immulate what Technics was trying to accomplish wth their DZ-1200s. The feel on the 3900s are like those of the 1200s, no joke.

My current setups:
Denon SC3900 - 2
Denon X600 Mixer
Serato DJ SL3

My other setup:
Technics 1200 M3D x 2
Vestax PMC 05 II mixer (looking to upgrade that)
Virtual DJ