DJ Demolition

AKA DJ Demolition


Hello everyone. I began working in clubs in 1975 as a bouncer. A couple of years later, I landed an off-night DJ gig at the hottest club in town, and DJ Demolition was born.

I also owned and operated the largest and most elaborate "Mobile Disco", in my state, and most likely in the entire U.S. at that time... Me and my partner maintained three setups. The largest one included 32 5' tall bass horns, & 32 three way full range cabinets.

I have a very large collection of vinyl from that era, but don't use my 1200s at all anymore professionally. I like my V7s much better. Now, I can set up my console right on the dancefloor and crank up as much bass as I like. No more feedback though the TT needles.

I acquired my first reel-to-reel in '75, and began editing and remixing tracks right away. Splicing tape is slow, hard work however, and it takes time and practice to turn out real professional quality recordings. You may find a sampling of my work here: