Started back in 1977 when I moved back to Harlem NY, age 11 and cold out, so it had to be in like November. So I would say, in the Summer of 1978, me, my cousin Greg, DJ Shorts, My Brotha Trip, Mike Black, Marty, Big Doug all went to this block party on 147th Street in Bradhurst Ave, which was called The Dome. It was packed, people all over and this guy was playing music doing some crazy shit dat I never heard before. So I got closer to da stage and noticed he was mixing from 1 turntable to the next and it was HOTT. I was like WOW, this dude is pretty good with what he was doing. It was DJ Starsky. After seeing that I went home and tried doing what this DJ was doing. I didn’t have the equipment so I took my moms stereo and my stereo and hooked it up together by connecting my stereo to the AUX connection in the back of her stereo. I started scratching the records and mixing like this DJ Starsky dude did.