DJ Kaos is one of San Diego’s most notable DJs in the nightlife scene today. He is the perfect example of what happens when talent and an unmatched work ethic meet opportunity. He has used his skills, experience, and distinct style of play to work his way up the ranks and create quite an impressive resume. While still new to many, DJ Kaos has already made lasting impressions at some of the top nightclubs in San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Scottsdale, and even internationally. Whether at an all hip-hop venue or an EDM pool party, Kaos is trusted and counted on to deliver a quality performance every single time. There is truly nothing he isn’t capable of on the turntables.Since 2013, Kaos has become a featured DJ and curator for sites like RockMyRun, MixCrate, and two of the biggest DJ record pools in the country: ClubKillers and DMS. Being a content provider as well as a brand ambassador for many companies has allowedKaos to bring his music to the masses on a national level. I

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