AKA Demond Dj


Demond Dj started playing at a young age, with only 13 years. In the beginning, it creates a working name for all wards of the province of Toledo, with a fresh and enjoys doing all the public where it goes.
During the first years of Dj, works in Kyrie, the legendary room Alameda de la Sagra (Toledo), this is followed by a public increasingly faithful. After a year and a half, record by Chamber Ibiza, where in the first stage is responsible for returning the glitz and glamor where people lost and follows weekend after weekend.
In this room, is responsible for organizing events and parties, like the organization of each and every one of the Dj booth and adjacent rooms. After two years in that chamber begins its journey through the Spanish landscape, where he plays with greats like Tim Baker, Abel Ramos, Dj Nano, Pulsedrive, among others, in various venues such as Orbital, Ibiza, Pacha, Arena, etc.

Pated This Dj has a year to learn and grow in the art of producing electronic