Caley Martin

AKA Caley


You could call Caley somewhat of a techno DJ. You could also call him a house DJ, or a deep house DJ. You could also call him “Hey Asshole”, or “Bitch”, but that’s not really very helpful in illuminating what kind of music he plays. Caley’s a member of the somewhat rarer breed of DJs who aren’t predominantly focused on one genre, or tied to the notion of “keeping it danceable”. His sets are more on the deeper end of things, being contemplative, brooding, and immersive. Which isn’t to say he can’t deliver some intensely funky moments, though. I’m pretty sure having a dance floor chanting your city of origin’s name while watching you mix qualifies as some kind of support for that statement.

Radio Shows

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friday evenings 5pm/8pm pacific/eastern

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