AKA Anonymus.


When he was 14 years old and had liked music for a long time he had an idea.
He started creating his own music mixes.
His first artistname was "Dj Zimtstern" and later he changed it to "Anonymus".

In the year 2009, with help from his friend Richard Kolvenbach "Peer Toretto" and their sponsor "Transatlantic Blow" his first party "De Guardia Night" took place. The "De Guardia Night" took place in Cologne (Sürth) an was a full success. After this Gian Luca decided that this was only the beginning and it was time for more parties to come.
Together with Richard he started to create and mix more music beats. It was time to go for it!

On December 29th 2010 Gian Luca managed to create a partyevent at Diamonds Club Cologne (nominated for: "The World's Finest Club" Award). Name of the party was: SEASONS The Best At Last! Another success and one reason more to go ahead doing what he likes best: organising, creating music and being part of it all!