Scratch Live DJ-FX 101

This article takes a closer look at the DJ-FX Plugin in Scratch Live. Learn how to enable FX, about the different FX modes, and how to make your own custom presets!

Scratch Live by default will have the DJ-FX plugin disabled because it can use extra CPU power. So you will need to enable it by going to the 'Plugins' tab of the Scratch Live Setup screen and ticking 'Enable DJ-FX Plugin'.

Note: Below this you will also see the option to 'Enable Sixty-Eight DJ-FX send', ticking this will send the software effects through to the '6 insert' button on the Rane Sixty-Eight when it is connected.

Once enabled the 'DJ-FX' panel button will appear in the panels area on the main screen. You will have to have Rane hardware connected as DJ-FX does not show in offline-mode. When you have the DJ-FX panel open you will have the option of two modes for both the left and right FX-units. : Ultra Knob mode and Super Knob mode.

Ultra Knob Mode

Scratch Live 2.1 introduced the new DJ-FX feature the Ultra knob which allows users to chain up to three effect parameters to be controlled by one master effect knob - the Ultra Knob.

Click the Ultra Knob button to enter Ultra Knob mode. Here you can click on the dropdown menu to load an Ultra Knob effect. Click the ON button to enable the effect and use the Ultra Knob to control the wet and dry amounts of all effects.

Click the Show Parameters button to show the effects and parameters that are controlled by the loaded Ultra Knob preset. - (more about this below)

Super Knob Mode

Below the Ultra Knob Mode button is the Super Knob Mode. Here you can have up to six effects each of which has a corresponding Super Knob which controls the wet and dry amount for that effect. Clicking the Effects drop-down box allows you to choose what effect is loaded to what Super Knob. You can choose to leave a slot empty by selecting 'empty'. Click the "ON" button next to a Super Knob to turn it on or off.

The effects chain works in series going from  effects slots 1 to 3, meaning that the effected audio from slot one passes through slot two, which is then passed through slot three.

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