How to: Swap DJ's

Using an SL 1

The recommended way to change DJ's is the really the most simple. Play a regular record (or CD) using the thru outputs on the SL 1

Remember that the SL 1 needs power for the thru’s to work, so make sure you have the additional power supply connected when you remove your USB cable. Your local electronics or hardware store will most probably have one. It needs to be 9 volts DC, 300 mA, and uses a P6 type barrel plug. 

If there is no power supply available for the SL 1, you could always use the AUX (Needs to be a line level source) or 3rd channel (if available) on your mixer.

Using a TTM 57SL

If you are using a a TTM 57SL the change over options are pretty similar to using an SL 1. Turn the input selector knobs on the top of the mixer to the A inputs, and play your record or CD while you change over.

If you are playing with CDJ's, the line/phono dip switches on the back of the 57 should be switched to line. If you are using Turntables switch these to phono.

Again, you have the option of using the AUX input if you wish.

Other options

If there is more than one SL 1 available, you could investigate using a special type of DJ switch box that allows DJ's to not only change over easily, but also play back-to-back using two laptops. Follow the link below is one such option.

Note: Serato does not make or support this product.

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