Organizing A Digital Music Library

Organizing a library of music is a huge part of DJing with products like Scratch Live. This article focuses on the finer points of maintaining a pristine collection of digital tracks.

What this article covers

This article covers organizing your music, both the actual files, and your library and crates inside Scratch Live.

And what it doesn't

This article does not cover obtaining, downloading or ripping music, encoding files, how to operate a computer, or using iTunes.

What is your library?

There are two things which you could call your music library: your collection of audio files (.mp3, .aiff, etc) and your Scratch Live library; visible as the information (tags) you see in the library panel.

When you drag a track to the deck, Scratch Live looks up the audio file you want, and starts playing the music in it. 

As well as the tag information displayed in the library, Scratch Live maintains a database of references to your files .

 Here is a diagram to assist:

Your database only works if it has the correct locations for all your files. Similarly your tags - the song name, artist, BPM, etc; are only useful if the information they contain is accurate.

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