How-to: Troubleshoot missing iTunes tracks

Troubleshooting iTunes tracks missing from your Serato Software

This how-to is for iTunes users who have some files that don't seem to appear in their Serato Software library.

This can be due to the iTunes xml file not being up to date or becoming corrupt for some reason. In some scenarios this problem can lead to your iTunes Library not loading at all, or even causing the software to crash on start up.

Rebuilding the iTunes Music Library.xml file:

1. Close all programs.

2. Navigate to this location:

Username / music / iTunes / iTunes Library.xml (Mac)

My Music / iTunes / iTunes Library.xml (Windows)

3. Rename the file "iTunes Library.xml" to "OLD_iTunes Library.xml" (The file may be named "iTunes Music Library.xml").

4. Open iTunes

5. A new "iTunes Library.xml" file should appear straight away in the iTunes folder alongside the one you renamed.

If some reason it does not do this, simply try playing a few files in the iTunes player which may force it to write a new xml file.

6. Close iTunes and re-open your Serato Software. 

7. Try disabling, then re-enabling the "Show iTunes Library" option in the setup screen.

Do the missing tracks show up now?

If you are still having difficulty, please create a help request on our forum so someone can assist you further.

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