Archiving Vinyl Techniques With the Rane SL 1 and TTM 57SL

Transforming your vinyl collection into the digital world

Do you have rare vinyl albums stored at home that are just simply not available on CD or to download? Is your vinyl collection now too vast and precious to be transported around from party to party? Have your just paid $500+ dollars for a one-off 7" on ebay?

If you want to record your vinyl and convert the files into mp3 format then this article will go into detail about the best way to prepare for recording and shows you the different options available for archiving your vinyl so you can finish with the highest possible quality recordings.

Hardware Setup

You will need, as a minimum, these four pieces of hardware to professionally archive your vinyl into digital format.

1. A turntable.
2. A phono preamp.
3. An analogue to digital converter.
4. A computer.

The turntable sends out a weak signal which needs to be boosted by a phono preamp and have the RIAA equalisation applied (more on this later). The A/D converter transforms your audio into bits and bytes, for the majority of you, your SL unit will do this task. Finally the computer enables you to record, edit and save your recordings.

The diagram below shows one of the three possible paths you will need to take in order to digitise your vinyl.

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