The Serato Blog The Serato Blog en-us Sat, 27 May 2017 02:08:42 +0000 Serato & Thud Rumble team up for Superseal Six Pack Thu, 25 May 2017 22:00:00 +0000 Eddie R

The Seal's out the bag. 

Serato and Thud Rumble are chuffed to announce our Superseal Six Pack: a three-part Control Vinyl series laced with skipless sounds from the man himself, DJ Qbert. 

Yep, three pairs. Each A & C side bringing a range of scratch sentences and juggle breaks carefully compiled by Qbert. They're skipless, so you can go all-in on your sets without sabotage from wobbly tables or rogue needles. We've also thrown in a pair of super slick Thud Rumble Butter Rugs for your scratching pleasure. 

Outer jacket & labels brought to you by Louie IV Daganzo. Inner jacket artwork by Yedifresh, which forms one mind-bending piece across all three records. 

Grab each pair separately. Or cop the lot and get FREE SHIPPING plus a nice wee discount*.

Buy yours now

 *One bundle discount per order 

Serato Superseal Six Pack 
Inner artwork by Yedifresh across all three jackets


 Flip through some of the scratching sounds now available in our Serato Superseal Six Pack. Note - these are not straight recordings but a collection of sound bites from each release.

Serato Sample Beta Closed Tue, 23 May 2017 02:58:00 +0000 Jordan L


Due to an overwhelming response, we've had to close applications for the beta as we're dealing with as much feedback we can possibly respond to at this stage. We aimed to sign up 5000 experienced producers to trial the VST plugin over time but we reached the capacity only after a few weeks.

Thanks so much for all the love so far, we can't wait to publicly release Sample. 

To find out first when Sample releases sign up here

Keep up to date with Serato Sample on Facebook

Upload and checkout Serato Sample made productions on Instagram

Happy Birthday Roc Raida Wed, 17 May 2017 23:26:00 +0000 Jordan L

Today's the birthday of the late Roc Raida from the X-Ecutioners, one of the best DJs to ever do it. His routines inspired a whole generation of DJs, his juggles are still some of the funkiest around, his body tricks and swagger behind the decks pioneered a wave of DJs not only wanting their sets to be technical but to look cool as well.


Watch Roc Raida win the 1995 DMC World Championship below.

Thanks for everything you gave to the DJ community. R.I.P.]]>
Jam Master J'Son SeratoCast Mon, 15 May 2017 02:35:00 +0000 Eddie R

We were lucky enough to get a mix from the oldest son to the legendary DJ Jam Master Jay for the SeratoCast mix series. Jam Master J'Son is carrying on his fathers legacy as a top class DJ and producer, the current Tour DJ for RUN-DMC and Tour DJ for Mann. 

Check out Jam Master J'Son's mix below and a quick interview to get to know him a little better.


OP Miller: Tell us where you are at right now and why are you there?

Jam Master J'Son: I currently reside in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.  I live closer to my family in Georgia and it is one of the music capitals of the world. Living in Atlanta allows me to literally live within and immerse myself in the culture of music.

OP: Top 5 records doing it for you right now?

JMJS: Yung Book feat. London Jae - H.I.T.V.

Moneybag Yo feat. Yo Gotti - Section
Rich The Kid feat. Jaden Smith - Like This
Lil’ Brudda Haitian - Gone Bad
Montana of 300 - Ice Cream Truck

OP: First DJ Setup, what was it?

JMJS: My first DJ setup was the Numark NS7 original.

OP: Favorite mixtape you've made.

JMJS: My favorite mixtape I’ve ever made, the world has never heard. 
It’s a mixtape tribute to my late father Jam Master Jay.  One day I plan on releasing it for the world to hear.  Who knows? I may remake it with original songs with so many artists and DJs on there, because my father influenced so many people musically and helped so many people establish themselves in the music industry during his life.  It can be a mixtape/original album project featuring the biggest stars in music.  Could you imagine Rev Run and DMC doing new songs with Jay-Z and Drake for the project?  It would be like music time crystals; sounds forever frozen in time.

OP: Favorite City in the world and why?

JMJS: I’ve been blessed to perform all over the world in so many countries and cities.  To narrow it down, I would have to say Bangkok, Thailand.  The place is beautiful and the people showed Iyaz and myself so much love when we performed there.  If Warner Bros. Pictures ever films “Hangover 4: The Return To Bangkok” I have to be in the scenes in filmed in Bangkok. 

OP: What are you working on currently?

JMJS: I am currently working on beginning some mixtape DJ projects in the hip-hop genre, a video project with popping dancer Marquese Scott, an EDM album, and filming a series of commercial’s for Numark.

Check out more from Jam Master J'son:


PRO TIP : MIDI Mapping SETUP Options Tue, 02 May 2017 02:05:00 +0000 Jordan L

Preferences found in Serato DJ’s Setup menu are often an overlooked option when it comes to MIDI mapping.

Have a read below of our favourite 5 MIDI-mappable setup options you can map straight to your controller, removing the need to enter the SETUP screen.


*To map any of the following features click on the MIDI button to enable MIDI mapping then click on the SETUP menu and navigate to the appropriate tab.


Start/Stop time









These options are handy if your Serato hardware does not have a dedicated start/stop knob, or when using one or more decks in INT mode. This parameter will give you control over the time it takes tracks to reach their normal speed when started or the time it takes for them to stop, great for creating different braking effects.


Quantize Value  




Scroll through the Quantize beat values to select the setting most suited to your performance. Have a lesser value when wanting to go crazy on the cues then move it up to a larger value when wanting to simply drop your cues on the 1.









A great tool to have enabled the majority of the time, but you may want to have the option to toggle this off at times when you’d like to make subtle pitch or platter movements.


AM mode 










Super heroes don’t have to enter a setup screen to enable their powers - have AM mode ready at the press of a button to make your track names disappear.

Pitch N Time DJ  

PnT DJ provides the ability to shift your track’s BPM by huge values and still retain great quality, however you may wish to have PnT DJ turned off while scratching as it can interfere with the desired sound you’re trying to create.

*Mapping the ‘enable Pnt DJ’ checkbox in the SETUP menu will allow you to toggle PnT DJ on and off - with the handy addition of keep Serato’s Keylock feature on when Pnt DJ has been toggled off*. This will give a smoother, less noticeable switch compared to toggling PnT off without keylock.

U.K and Ireland Masterclass Tour Wrap-up Mon, 01 May 2017 22:39:00 +0000 Jordan L

Thanks to everyone that made it out to Serato’s Masterclass tour of the UK and Ireland.

Workshops were held in key stores and music schools over London, Newbury, Bristol, Dublin and Birmingham with every stop either being full or over booked!


Radikarl hosted each class, giving the guests demonstrations of basic Serato DJ functions to advanced techniques. The guests were also given something slightly more round and vinyl looking to walk away with too.

If you'd like to catch the next one make sure you like our Facebook page for all updates.

INTRODUCING SERATO SAMPLE Tue, 18 Apr 2017 21:23:00 +0000 Jordan L

Serato is excited to announce the Public Beta launch for Serato Sample: a fun, fast, high-quality production plugin that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time stretch samples.


Until now, producers have struggled to freely manipulate samples while maintaining high-grade audio quality. This has been solved with Sample, an intuitive sampling tool powered by Serato’s original plugin, Pitch ‘n Time.


Serato CEO, Young Ly, says, “Over the years we’ve seen huge growth in the crossover between DJing and producing so it feels like a natural next step for us to return to the world of production. And in turn it made sense to leverage our successful plugin, Pitch ‘n Time.



Serato Sample’s feature set accommodates the needs of producers wanting a powerful, convenient sampling tool and also provides a familiar, intuitive workflow for DJs to delve into beat making.


Key Features:



Works in leading music production software
Including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro and Maschine.


Flawless key detection and shifting
Find the key and then shift it with the power of Pitch ‘n Time.


Find the best samples with Autoset
With one click our algorithm finds 16 of the best samples to work with.


Familiar Cue Point workflow
Use Serato DJ's popular Cue Point workflow to set and trigger pads.


Change samples beyond recognition
Manipulate each pad individually. Mess with key, bpm and more.


Serato’s famous colored waveforms
Visually understand tracks without having to listen to them. Red for bass, blue for highs.


Jump around tracks with ease
Find what you’re after with waveform scrub and needle drop.




For more info and to join the beta visit Serato Sample

Super Smash Broz SeratoCast & Interview Mon, 10 Apr 2017 03:31:00 +0000 Eddie R

SeratoCast Mix 64 is bought to us by the Super Smash Broz. The DJ Duo and brothers consisting of DJ Fresco x DJ Nomz have put together a SMASHING mix of everything hot in Hip Hop right now. Check this mix and get a pen and paper ready for your new playlist.

OP Miller, our Artist Relations manager from Studio 2 in NYC also asked the Super Smash Broz a couple of questions about what they're up to, what they're feeling and what they've got in the pipeline. Check it out below to find out more, and get the goss on their upcoming project.

OP: Tell us where you are at right now and why are you there?

SSB: We are in Boston right now, Roxbury to be exact. We are here because this is our hometown - we love the city and are determined to put it on the map. 

OP: Top 5 records doing it for you right now?

SSB: It's tough, because there's so much good music always coming out. However, I'd have to say the top 5 records doing it would be: Sahbabii - Pull Up Wit Ah Stick (this song is gonna be everywhere by the end of the summer), Ed Sheeran - Shape of You, Davido - If, Future - Mask OffMigos - Slippery (feat. Gucci Mane)

OP: First DJ Setup, what was it?

SSB: Our dad used to DJ back in the day, so we used to play around with his equipment. However, our first DJ setup that belonged to us was probably a Numark Mixtrack Pro. 

OP: Favourite mixtape you've made. (Doesn't have to be released, eg for a friend or lover)

SSB: I think the answers are different for both of us. 

Noma Nomz:Get Your Vibes Right 2. I like to break records, and I feel like a lot of people reacted well and caught on to our wave in our city around then.

Muyi Fre$co: My favorite mix is probably Get Your Vibes Right 5. I'm a perfectionist, and though this mix isn't perfect, it's really a dope look at our growth as DJs since we first started. 

OP: Favourite City in the world and why?

SSB: We're biased, so we Idon't necessarily want to say Boston. So besides Boston, probably Lagos, Nigeria or Toronto. Lagos because we're of Nigerian descent (Omo Naija!) and there's nothing like being around your people. Everyone is so authentic and the food is marvelous. Toronto is up there too because that city and its people are so beautiful. It's a great melting pot, super diverse and the natives are so welcoming.

OP: What are you working on currently?

SSB: Currently, we're busy finishing our upcoming project, titled Family Cookout. It's essentially a for us, by us tape featuring the top talent coming out of Massachusetts. The Boston music scene has been slept on for far too long and we feel like it's up to us to help curate the vibes and sounds that our city's scene has. So much of our talent doesn't have the right platform to get noticed by the masses and we hope to help change that. The project will be releasing a bit later this year, so be on the lookout for it! Music lovers and DJs, get ready to get your vibes right and absolutely have these songs in your Serato! 

Check out our new single "Adjacent" coming out on our new project this year.

Follow us on Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, FaceBook, MixCloud - @SuperSmashBroz and Twitter @_SuperSmashBroz


Convert Spotify and other platform's playlists to Pulselocker Wed, 05 Apr 2017 02:14:00 +0000 Jordan L

Soundiiz allows you to unify all your playlists from different music platforms in one place. More Importantly for DJs, you’ll now be able to import all of your playlists from consumer, home-use music streaming services such as Spotify and Soundcloud into Pulselocker for DJing out in the wild.


Transferring playlists in Soundiiz is dead simple. Create an account, link all of your music steaming accounts, select the platform you wish to transfer the playlists from, then select Pulselocker to import them to. You’ll need the Soundiiz Premium Plan to have platform-to-platform playlist conversion abilities, the subscription cost is very modest with a monthly price of $4.50 or $3.00 a month if you choose to pay for the entire year upfront.


The interface is a breeze to use with plenty of customizable options to suit your needs . Download the app from and give it a go for FREE.

From the Studio Series Thu, 30 Mar 2017 20:00:00 +0000 Eddie R

You may have noticed that over the past year we have released a series of videos called From the Studio.

This is curated by our Artist Relations teams at our LA and NY Studios (and when they're on the road).

We have so many artists come through our studios to catch up with the team and get up to date on everything Serato, that we thought it would be an opportunity missed if we didn't get the camera gear out and film some of these artists giving us a quick routine when we can.

Check out our From the Studios playlist below for some routines from the series, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more to come.

Chris Karns Interview and SeratoCast Thu, 30 Mar 2017 19:00:00 +0000 Eddie R

Get familiar with Kris Karns. The Denver-born DJ aficionado holding down the trifecta of battle titles - a DMC Championship, x3 Thre3style wins, and a runner-up spot of VH1’s “Master of the Mix”.

He’s produced tracks for Mayor Hawthorne, has toured with Yelawolf, and is a current member for electronic outfit Pretty Lights.

We’ve always admired Chris’ refreshing approach to DJing, and the way he uses Serato. So we thought we’d catch a moment with him to talk about it a little more.

Check our interview with Chris below for his take on touring with a live band (Pretty Lights), the run down of his setup, and how he incorporates Serato DJ, Pitch ‘n Time DJ for added key functionality, and Ableton Link.

Grab Pitch 'n Time DJ for yourself and give the Key Shift, Key Sync and Pitch Play for yourself.


SeratoCast Mix 63

While on the road in Cali Chris also recorded a SeratoCast mix live, check it out.

SoundSwitch 1.2 Released - Major Update Thu, 30 Mar 2017 02:47:00 +0000 Jordan L

Using SoundSwitch, DJs are able to attach lighting cues/effects to audio files so that when played through Serato DJ, the customised lighting display occurs automatically, to the beatgrid, as the DJ intended. SoundSwitch also has a back up feature called Autoloops, which are lighting scenes that sync with DJ software beatgrid. It allows DJs to elevate their performance and create a superior experience for their crowd.


The release of Soudswitch 1.2 provides huge additions to the existing functionality with an array of new features, options and general performance improvements.


Key SoundSwitch 1.2 Features


  • Additional Attribute Control
  • Create Attribute Cues in Master Track to control:
    • Gobo
    • Zoom
    • Prism
    • Built in Programs
    • UV
    • +more
  • Auto Amber White Color Mixing
  • Updated Fixture Library and more fixtures
  • New Effects:
    • Color Chase
    • Follow Chase
    • Alternating Chase
    • Multiple Pulse Chases
    • New Color Palettes
    • Position Effects
    • Strobe Effects
    • Drops, Build Ups + Breakdowns
  • Position Flags Displayed in Tree
  • Adding Multiple Fixtures option
  • General Stability and Performance Updates

For More info on using SoundSwitch with Serato DJ CLICK HERE

oriJanus SeratoCast Mix Wed, 22 Mar 2017 02:40:00 +0000 Eddie R

In our month packed full of SeratoCast mixes, next up for SeratoCast mix number 62 is oriJanus of Soulection and emcee on WordLyfe.

oriJanus brings the vibes on this one with a stack of his own tracks, remixes and token Soulection vibes.

We also asked him a couple of questions to find out what he's on at the moment. Read below.

Matt Perry: Tell us where you are at right now and why are you there?

oriJanus: I'm at the Serato Studio 3 in Little Tokyo recording a Seratocast on my birthday. :) 

MP: Top 5 records doing it for you right now?

OJ: 1. Thundercat - Friend Zone, my friend Mono/Poly produced it and he's from Bakersfield as I am.

2. This unreleased Zikomo remix that's going to be put out soon. Sssssh, lol.

3. Terrace Martin - Valdez off Crenshaw, I STILL play this song religiously.

4. SiR - W$ Boi, great song that tells a more common story. SiR is such a cool dude.

5. Temu - Boogaloo Blues, that bassline....ungh!

MP: First DJ Setup, what was it?

OJ: First setup I had was a pair of Yamaha Ion turntables my grandma bought me from a JC Penny's catalog for Christmas when I was about 10 years old. They were really fragile and the stylus picked up any little touching of the tables but it got me through, lol.

MP: Favourite mixtape you've made. (Doesn't have to be released, eg for a friend or lover)

OJ: I recorded a mix of my favorite hip-hop tracks as a kid (Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessun, Wu, Jamal, Redman etc.) that I've been playing out. Might put it out someday, lol.

MP: Favourite City in the world and why?

OJ: Miami! I've been there twice in the past few months and I love it. I'm puerto rican so I was welcomed with open arms. I loved the latin conga bands on the corner and the women!

MP: What are you working on currently?

OJ: Currently recording and working on my self-produced, debut rap project entitled "7000 Auburn - EP". Been taking me quite some time but I'm getting it out this year. Be on the lookout for that!

Orange Calderon SeratoCast Mix Tue, 21 Mar 2017 01:27:00 +0000 Eddie R

We have been very lucky this month to receive mixes from a bunch of artists to get the SeratoCast mix series back into full swing for 2017.

This week we received a mix from the talented Orange Calderon who brings a refreshing mix of brand new and classic Hip Hop/Rap. Perfect for your next party or get the office turnt up proper.

We also asked her a  a few questions about what she's been upto lately. Check it out below.

Matt Perry: Tell us where you are at right now and why are you there?

Orange Calderon: Live from the trap house. I literally just finished recording this mix so I’m still sitting at my setup, answering these Q’s before I send it all off, Loll. 

MP: Top 5 records doing it for you right now?

OC: There’s so much music coming out right now, it literally changes every week. This week I’m excited about this Omniboi Remix of Bad And Boujee. I’ve moved on to other records off the new Migos album, but that remix is so fire. I really love ‘Shining’ Dj Khaled, Beyonce,& Jay-Z. Slide - Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos is a great record. Jazz Cartier - Tempted, Wizkid - Sweet Love, Clean Bandit’s remix of Flume - Say It ft. Tove Lo thats 6 and its killing me to not keep going lol, 5 is not enough! 

MP: First DJ Setup, what was it?

OC: Pioneer DDJ-SX. A little over 2.5 years ago a couple friends finally got it into my head that I should be doing this. I walked into Guitar Center a couple days later and picked one up. Everything I needed to get started immediately for under $1,000. Clutch. 

MP: Favourite mixtape you've made. (Doesn't have to be released, eg for a friend or lover)

OC: Probably 'Spain in September’. I felt like a vessel during that recording process. I don’t remember making one active decision, it’s like it made itself. & it very accurately capsulizes my experience, sonically, while over there. It’s a true soundtrack to that trip.  

MP: Favourite City in the world and why?

OC: That’s tough, but if I can only have one I'd have to say Paris. As a DJ, something just clicked my first time over there. I’d been progressing at a steady pace up to that point around month 4/5. I spun a couple gigs, went out to the clubs to see their DJs, & I remember leaving early one night so inspired that I had to get home to my equipment. I was still so new then that there was just a level of unsureness I had about it all. Something clicked that night and I understood something I hadn’t understood before then. I wasn’t scared anymore, and that allowed me to leap ahead several levels on the learning curve. Paris will be special to me forever for that. 

MP: What are you working on currently?

OC: I have another mix I need to get done for a late March drop, & currently mapping out these next couple travel runs through Asia, Africa, & Europe. Other than that I’m 'spring cleaning' the brand, if you will. I've got new things coming on all fronts from merch and the Radio Show, to a new site, app, and video content. It’s quite the undertaking so I don’t wanna say too much before I get it all done. :) 

SeratoCast Mix 60 with DJ Brace Mon, 20 Mar 2017 02:44:00 +0000 Eddie R

To kick our SeratoCast mix series off for 2017 we had DJ Brace put together a mix of music he's feeling right now.

To find out a bit more about DJ Brace and what makes him tick, Matt Perry our head of Artist Relations in LA asked him a bunch of questions, check them out below.

Matt Perry: Tell us were you are at right now and why are you there?

DJ Brace: Florida by the Ocean

MP: Top 4 records doing it for you right now?

DJ B: Your Old Droogs

Sound Craftsman 3

Markey Funk - Delights vs. Audio Montage 7"

DJ Woody Point of Contact

MP: First DJ Setup, what was it?

DJ B: 2 x Gemini BD-10's and a Gemini Skratchmaster

MP: Favorite mixtape you've made. (Doesn't have to be released, e.g. for a friend)

DJ B: A series I made back in the day called Take. It was a one take series I made circa 2000, I did a total of 6, gems to me.

MP: Favorite City in the world and why?

DJ B: Lijiang, China right now, people are so open, music is everywhere and the food is great.

MP: What are you working on currently?

DJ B: New 7" EP is out now! Order here.

New Full Solo LP on Costume Records dropping soon

New 7" Scratch Record on Fresherthan Records called Champ Cuts by DJ Vekked & Brace. This is a combination of the two world champions best sounds from their winning DMC online routines.

Fretless Fridays, a new series I started exploring music on the Fretless Fader, watch it here.

There's more, but that's all for now, stay tuned!

How to Chop 'n Screw tracks with Serato DJ and DJ Mist Fri, 17 Mar 2017 20:14:00 +0000 Matt P




DJ Mist from Dub Academy in Texas, shows us how to "Chop" using the Slicer, and Screw tracks by setting the control tone to 45 in the Serato DJ setup menu.  

Check out the Pro Tip HERE

From wikipedia - 

"Chopped and screwed (sometimes called screwed and chopped or slowed and throwed) refers to a technique of remixing hip hop music which developed in the Houston hip hop scene in the early 1990s. This is accomplished by slowing the tempo down to between 60 and 70 quarter-note beats per minute and applying techniques such as skipping beats, record scratchingstop-time, and affecting portions of the music to make a "chopped-up" version of the original.

DJ Screw is largely recognized as the innovator behind the chopped and screwed genre.

DJ Screw's key technique involved playing the same record on both turntables with a delay between them of one beat and quickly moving the crossfader side to side. This created an effect where the words or beats in a song were repeated without interrupting its tempo.

Today it is still common to see screwed and chopped versions of mixtapes and albums released alongside the regular speed versions, sometimes in a double disc format with one disc screwed and the other regular speed."

From The Studio - SXSW Special W/ DJ Diggy Dutch Wed, 15 Mar 2017 21:04:00 +0000 Jordan L

While we were at SXSW at Dub Academy, we got a chance to catch Austin native DJ Diggy Dutch get down with a dirty (south) routine for this special edition of "From the studio"... check it out 🌵


Keep checking the blog for more updates from SXSW.

Serato Workshop - Microsoft Flagship Store (NY) Tue, 14 Mar 2017 20:39:00 +0000 Jordan L

The Digilogue is excited to announce Serato's collaboration with Microsoft on April 7th! Serato Artist Relations team OP! and Dstrukt will be leading the workshop demonstrating key features in Serato DJ, using the Microsoft Surface.

Basics of Serato DJ 1.9.6

  • Sync
  • Beat Gridding
  • Beat Jumps
  • Slicer
  • Serato DJ FXs
  • Key Detection and Pitch n' Time DJ
  • Pitch Play
  • Smart Crates


The workshop will be controller focused. OP Miller and the Serato team will bring five different controllers for people to test out after the workshop.


There will be a raffle for a Serato DJ Suite, Serato DJ licenses, and other goods.

Register here

How I Use Serato DJ - Library Management W/ Jordan Tue, 14 Mar 2017 04:06:00 +0000 Jordan L

Creating your library structure inside of Serato should be a calculated decision that has had a lot of thought behind it. Before sifting through thousands of tracks you want to be 100% sure your method suits your needs, you don’t want to change your mind half way down the track about wanting to have 80’s power ballads in your “Go To” crate.


As new music releases, you’ll often find your library structure becomes stale. Those dated tracks in your banger crate are no longer getting reactions and you’ve decided that you no longer want to play tropical house. Instead of going through this dilemma every year or two we will walk through a future-proofed system below which won’t require you to ever have to drag songs to a crate again.


Organizing Your Library By Tags


Like any organizational method, this will take time. Each track will need to be individually tagged with as many categories the track falls into. Once your entire library has been tagged you’ll be able to make smart crates that magically fill with tracks meeting the crates criteria.


Setting Up

  • Evaluate each genre you play. For more precise crates think about also listing the tracks release date, region, sub-genre and any other aspect you may find important to sort by.
  • Think of an energy scale to judge your tracks by. A numbered 1 to 5 system may suit your style or maybe a naming convention such as “early, peak, late”.
  • Analyze all of your files. Ensuring each track has a BPM and Key attached to it.


Tagging Tracks

Now you’ve got a list of predefined categories each song should fit into, it’s time to go through your library, tagging each song with the categories it corresponds to. For more depth to your library consider also tagging the track’s release year, this is convenient for creating era based crates.


Add a symbol such as a '#' in front of each tag to exclude tracks that may include these keywords in their title.


Creating Smart Crates


The hard work of tagging your entire library is over. You can now make as many smart crates as you wish that magically populate with files meeting the crates criteria.


Here's a variety crates I made to suit playing across different genres/times of the night/demographics.


This is just an example of one structure you could create. Assess every aspect of what goes into your song selection (BPM, key, energy, release date, what type of person would enjoy the song etc) and make your own smart crates to suit the way you play.

Forthcoming Serato DJ support for the Numark NS6II Mon, 13 Mar 2017 20:42:00 +0000 Eddie R

Building on it's predecessor the Numark NS6, one of the first 4-channel controller to be supported by Serato, the NS6II brings some great updates to this iconic Serato DJ controller.

The Numark NS6II will be Serato DJ Enabled and Serato DVS Upgrade Ready. Read on for more features that you will find on this controller once released.

Features include:

Dual USB Outputs

A Numark first—giving the ability to connect two laptops to Serato DJ simultaneously.

Built-In Hi Res Display

Built-in full-color 2-inch hi-res displays for monitoring BPM, platter position, time remaining, pitch adjustment and keylock.

Performance Pads

Rubber MPC performance pads give you quick access to hot cues, auto loop/roll, manual loop mode sampler and slicer. Each function duals-up with sub functions to give you access to a total of 16 velocity-sensitive pads.

Additional Features:

  • Serato DJ Enabled
  • Serato DVS Upgrade Ready
  • Digital mixer with (2) phono/line inputs that can be mixed directly without software
  • Touch-capacitive knobs 
  • 6-inch multi-function jog wheel with smart learning capacitive technology 
  • 4-channel USB Audio 
  • Stereo XLR outputs, Master RCA outputs, Booth RCA Outputs 
  • (2) 1/4” mic inputs 
  • Stand-alone mixer 24-bit, 44.1K audio 
  • USB 2.0 
  • 4 in, 4 out with (2) phono preamp
  • Replaceable crossfader
  • Roll bar to protect front panel control knobs
UPDATE: 1.9.6 DVS IMPROVEMENTS AND ADDITIONS Wed, 08 Mar 2017 20:00:00 +0000 Jordan L

With the release of Serato DJ 1.9.6 comes additions and improvements for DVS users. DJ’s who spin on turntables will find at least one or all of the below feature updates very beneficial.



Using turntables gives a lot of platter control to the user, but it doesn’t come without a cost. Wow/Flutter is a common nuisance that you'll experience when playing vinyl, caused by variables of the turntable or vinyl itself, resulting in unexpected BPM fluctuations.

 The introduction of Anti-Drift combats wow/flutter by calculating the rotational speed of the vinyl and ignoring every abnormal rotation by applying an average. After a few rotations, your deck's BPM will be sitting at a stable number, resulting in a much more reliable beat-mixing experience.


You can enable Anti-Drift by checking the box found in the CD/Vinyl tab of the SETUP screen.

Smart Sync

Controllers have had an abundance of practical and performance enhancing features since their beginning. Smart Sync is one of the more commonly used features that DVS users have been patiently waiting for.

Smart sync is the more intelligent, more popular brother of simple sync who can lock track’s beatgrids in sequence and have decks follow the BPM of the master deck.

Enable Smart Sync by checking the box found in the DJ Preferences tab of the SETUP screen.


Needle Drop/Sticker Lock improvements

We’ve dialled in the sensitivity of our needle dropping features allowing our turntable users to utilize these handy tricks in their room, a club or battle with precision and assurance.

To enable Needle Dropping and Sticker Lock, enable the features you wish to use from the CD/Vinyl tab in the SETUP screen.

 DJ's wanting to use DVS that own DVS Upgradable hardware or Club Kit Mixers, will need to purchase the DVS Expansion pack from either inside the Expansion Packs & Activations window of Serato DJ or from the Serato Online Store.


Download Serato DJ 1.9.6

UPDATE: 1.9.6 Pitch Play Mappings Wed, 08 Mar 2017 19:00:00 +0000 Jordan L

Previously exclusive to a select number of controllers, including the Denon DJ MCX-8000, Roland DJ-808 and the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2, Pitch Play is now available to use with a variety of Serato supported hardware.

Pitch Play uses Pitch 'n Time DJ, allowing Cue Points to be played across a range of keys. This feature brings a new musical element to DJing, offering creative DJ’s a melodic, fun approach when composing sets.


Pitch Play Supported Hardware

Owners of the below hardware with Pitch 'n Time DJ activated can use Pitch Play with SDJ 1.9.6.
Enable Pitch Play mode by pushing the button combination assigned to your hardware.

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Numark NS7II - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Numark NS7III - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Numark NV - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Numark NVII - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Akai Pro AFX - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]

How to use Pitch Play

Once enabled the first Cue Point of the loaded track will be spread across the 8 performance pads, each pad letting you trigger the Cue in a different key. There are 3 different key ranges you can cycle through once Pitch Play is enabled, giving you the option of going up in key, down in key or both.


Toggle through the ranges by pressing the parameter left or right button.

To change the Cue Point you wish to use within Pitch Play, hold the shift button on your hardware then press the performance pad corresponding with the Cue you’re wishing to use.


If you have any questions, ask us in the comment section below.


You can purchase Pitch 'n Time DJ within the Expansion Packs & Activations panel of Serato DJ or from the Serato Online Store


With the release of Serato DJ 1.9.6, we've also reset all free trials taken to date, so if you don't own Pitch 'n Time DJ and would like to try it again... then you can. Just download Serato DJ and start a free two-week trial.




UPDATE: 1.9.6 Looping & Performance Enhancements Wed, 08 Mar 2017 18:00:00 +0000 Jordan L

Serato DJ 1.9.6 introduces new additions and improvements to the existing looping feature. Creating a reliable, user-friendly tool that every DJ can benefit from. New performance enhancing tools are also added in the release letting users disable setting Cues and save Favorite FX Banks.



Looping can be utilized by every type of DJ, from a practical use such as extending the intro/outro of a track to performance enhancing techniques such as energy building rolls. Serato DJ 1.9.6 improves on the existing looping feature, providing deeper Loop management and bug fixes, resulting in a more user-friendly and reliable tool for DJ’s.


Watch this video below on Chronological Loops + Reordering Loops.

Chronological Cues and Loops

When the "Sort Cues and Loops Chronologically" option is turned on, each track’s saved Loops and Cues will be displayed in the order they appear throughout the track, rather than the order they were created in. This heavily requested feature simplifies the workflow of saving and triggering Cues and Loops.

Reordering Loops

After creating your Loops you may wish to have them saved in a specific order. This addition to the looping feature will let you drag saved loops to the position of your choice.

Feature Improvements

We’ve fixed an issue where scratching will no longer cause the playhead to jump outside of an active Loop, providing a reliable feature for scratch DJ’s to use in creative performances. 


Enable/Disable Hot Cues

We’ve brought back the option from Scratch Live to enable and disable setting Hot Cues. Turning off this feature will stop the frustration of accidentally setting cues on unwanted spaces for those that thrash performance pads. You can toggle this setting in the DJ Preferences tab of the SETUP screen.


When Hot Cues are disabled, Cue Points can only be set by pressing control + numbers 1-0 on your computer's keyboard. Cue Points will not be set with the press of a single button/key on your hardware or keyboard.

Favorite FX Banks

You can now have two entirely different FX Banks saved, available to load whenever needed.

Each bank when saved will remember the FX loaded with each parameter that was set. This is useful when wanting to switch between two configurations. For example, you could have Bank A for Single FX and Bank B for Multi FX, or Bank A for subtle FX such as Reverb, Filter and Bank B for performance FX such as Pitch Looper, Tremolo.


Once you've got a Favorite FX Bank saved you go on to use other FX inside Serato DJ, then recalling your favorite is as easy as clicking back on the A or B bank button.



Serato DJ has a number of built-in FX, or you can purchase the whole Serato FX Expansion Pack for only USD 29 from the Serato Online Store or in-app within Serato DJ.


If you have any further questions or comments then add them below.


International Women's Day - A Shoutout To The Female DJs Tue, 07 Mar 2017 21:24:00 +0000 Jordan L

In celebration of International Women's Day. We pay homage to some of our favorite female DJs getting busy behind the decks.

DJ Perly


DJ Perly has been one of the only few females to compete in The NYC DMC DJ battles. In 2016 she took out the NYC DMC battle becoming the first ever lady DJ to win a DMC US Regional DJ Battle. She then went on to become the 2016 Vice USA DMC Champion.


Check out Perly's segment at Turntable Lab



DJ Short-E/Emma Holmes has been scratching since 2000. After mastering the craft she now dedicates her time to running the online School of Scratch. School of Scratch students can make use of the high quality, step by step tutorial videos made my Short-E, connect with other students on the Discussion Forums and meet up for jams in the live Scratch Room.

Short-E's Scratch Combo of the Month hosted by DJ-City

DJ Killa-Jewel

DJ Killa-Jewel has been one of the most revered DJs in the scratch scene for well over a decade. Recently Killa-Jewel expanded her respect outside of the scratch community with an exceptional, fun party-rocking set at the Redbull Thre3Style Canadian finals.

DJ Killa-Jewel's Redbull Thre3style set of the Canadian finals

DJ Diamond Kuts

Part of Serato's own artist line up, DJ Diamond Kuts not only boasts an impressive DJ resume but has also produced tracks for Nicki Minaj, Sissy Nobby and Lumidee.


DJ Diamond Kuts DJ-808 performance and interview

UK and Ireland Masterclass Tour Sun, 05 Mar 2017 21:15:00 +0000 Jordan L


From Bedroom to Big Room, come and join us for an evening Masterclass in all things Serato.  We’ll be covering the basics and all the way through to Pro tips.  This is a free event and open to everyone.  We’ll also be exclusively showcasing the amazing new Roland DJ-808.

Serato Masterclass schedule.

  Masterclass Schedule

 To register and find out more info click HERE.

Serato DJ x Ableton Link Jam - Stro, Manwell and 14kt Mon, 27 Feb 2017 21:01:00 +0000 Jordan L

Late last year, Serato reached out to 3 individuals to help film a quick video, showcasing a live use of LINK (the new wireless midi protocol connection created by Ableton) which is now available in Serato DJ. 

We wanted to highlight the three individuals on their chosen platforms, 2 on Serato DJ and 1 on Ableton Live. Stro, 14kt and Manwell, had all known of each others work and in some cases worked together before, so the chemistry was already there.

The 3 gentlemen, came to the Serato Studio the day before, we explained the rules, which were...

  • You all have to be Linked together via LINK
  • There has to be a Tempo Change at some point
  • You have to use your own music 

They had no problem in working a routine out together and were pretty impressed at the way you could link the 3 setups (Turntables, Controller, and Ableton) up to enable a defined shared tempo. Stro on Ableton Push 2, Manwell on the DJMs9 and turntables, 14kt on the Roland DJ808 controller.


Check out the finished product below.

After the performance, we asked the boys on their thoughts of LINK.

Stro - "This situation was the first time I've used it. Was a pretty simple setup. Straight to the point provided the network is capable."

14k - "This was my first time using it in this performance. It didn't take long to understand how it works. It was pretty simple and an extremely helpful feature."


Thanks to Ableton, and Rome for their support and shout out to Z-Trip who stopped by to check out what was going down.

DJs For Climate Action Thu, 23 Feb 2017 02:59:00 +0000 Jordan L

One of our planet’s most pressing issues calls for people in every field to play their part. The social influence and presence of a DJ make them an important figure in spreading awareness and encouraging response to Climate Change.

We talk to Sammy Bananas, the founding member of DJs for Climate Action to find out more about the group’s purpose. We discuss how you can join the coalition alongside other members such as A-Trak and RJD2, and what songs he’d have in his Climate Change mixtape. Read the interview below.


For those of us who may not be familiar with what "DJs for Climate Action" is, can you tell us about what you are trying to achieve?


We're working to use the power of music to amplify our community’s role in protecting the planet’s future.  This includes using the cultural visibility of DJs, and the unique way music can bind and motivate people, to promote awareness and provoke response to the Climate Crisis.  We’re encouraging DJ colleagues and fans alike to join the Climate Movement to help shift our world back to a sustainable path.


How did you come to be a part of this project, and what was your inspiration?


I originally started it in '08 after my touring schedule picked up and I was flying all over the place.  At the time I was thinking a lot about the environmental impact of that lifestyle and it forced me to learn more about the Climate issue.  Ultimately, we’re not asking people to stop flying, but figure out what we can collectively do to move the needle in the right direction.  That might be things like fundraising for established advocacy groups like NRDC, or organizing DJs to participate in the upcoming People’s Climate March on April 29th.  


What other dj's are involved that are as passionate about helping slow climate change?


You can find some of the most well-known members of the group featured in the new minute-long clip we launched last week!  DJs like A-Trak, Soul Clap, Louisahhh!!!, RJD2.  Right now this Pledge for Action campaign is really about getting our message out there and welcoming other people to join.  You don’t have to be a big name to take part, you just have to care about the issue and what you can do.  As we grow the coalition we’ll be able to put on more events and do bigger projects to increase our impact.  You can take part at !


Traveling is a big part of a successful DJ's life, do you think this sometimes gives you a different perspective on issues such as Climate Change?


Well first off, I now know there are lots of successful and talented DJs who never travel. BUT it is true that the biggest names are constantly on the road.  For me, playing all over the world gave me the perspective that it’s actually a smaller place than you think.  It breaks down the differences between people, shows how interconnected we all are and cements that we have to work together to solve the issues of the planet.


If you had to make a Climate Action themed mix, what would be your top 5 song choices?


  1. Public Enemy - Fight the power
  2. Roy Ayres - Everybody Loves the Sunshine
  3. Earth People - Dance
  4. Caribou - Sun
  5. Michael Jackson - Heal The World


Where can people learn more about how to help prevent Climate Change?


Here are some great resources:

Follow DJs For Climate Action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @DJs4CA

Pro Tip: Our Top 3 customizable settings inside the Roland DJ-808 Thu, 02 Feb 2017 20:00:00 +0000 Eddie R
Pro Tip

The Roland DJ-808 has countless features and settings that you can adjust to suit your work flow. Before customizing the DJ-808 you will need to enable the controller's system setting mode by following the steps below.

While holding down the [PANEL] button, press the [POWER] switch to turn on the power.

The DJ-808 is in system setting mode, and the [START/STOP] button of the TR-S section is blinking.


Press the TR-S pad or button that corresponds with the setting you want to make.

The display shows the current value. Use the [VALUE] knob to change the parameter.

Now you're ready to try our Top 3 customizable settings for the Roland DJ-808

1. Margin at both ends of crossfader

Make changes to this setting by pressing the number TR-S pad 7. Turn value knob anywhere between 1-10. Specifies the margin at both ends of the crossfader. Higher values increase the margin, providing more play at each end of the crossfader. Scratch DJs will keep this preference at 0.


2. Jog dial illumination mode

Press TR-S pad 11 then turn the value knob to 0 and only the indicator at the playback position will be lit (it's lit). Turn it 1 and only the indicator at the position will be unlit.


3. Change the TR-S pad Colour Scheme

Cycle through and change the available TR-S pad color schemes by pressing Serato Sampler buttons 1-5

t  tt  t t

When you’ve finished making settings, press the blinking [START/STOP] button. 



Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS and DJM-900NXS2 Serato DJ support Wed, 01 Feb 2017 20:00:00 +0000 Eddie R

When used with the Serato DJ Club Kit (Serato DJ & Serato DVS Expansion pack license bundle), the Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS and DJM-900NXS2 mixers are available to use plug-and-play with Serato DJ.

Also available are the Pioneer DJM-850, Rane MP2015, Allen & Heath Xone:DB2, DB4 or 43C.

This plug-and-play functionality means you can connect your laptop with Serato DJ directly to the mixer without the need of an external sound card/interface and have control over both the mixer and Serato DJ features.

Even if you don't own these mixers, but you use them in the club, you can still trial or purchase the Club Kit to use them with Serato DJ.

It's easy to use these mixers with Serato DJ.

  1. Download and install the latest version of Serato DJ.
  2. Connect your hardware and activate a FREE 14 day trial in the My Serato window in-app, or purchase and activate a Club Kit license bundle.
  3. Install the drivers by following the prompt in the side panel.
  4. Start DJing!

Here's a few things to note:

  • If you already have a Serato DJ license you’ll be able to connect to Serato DJ. However, to have platter control you will need to purchase the DVS expansion pack unless you’re using HID mode with supported accessories.
  • Drivers for these mixers are bundled within Serato DJ. If you have trouble connecting after driver install, try hot-plugging the USB cable or restarting your machine.
  • Ensure your mixer has the latest firmware installed for best performance.
  • "Primary Decks" options are available in the Audio tab of the Setup screen to change the inputs/outputs of the hardware that are to be used for Decks 1 and Decks 2 in the software.

Pioneer DJM-900NXS, NXS2 and DJM-850 specific

  • These mixers have a 'Setup Inputs' button in the Audio tab of Serato DJ Setup. You can set your mixer inputs to Phono or Line here, as the mixer doesn't have hardware controls.
  • You can record the software mix in a similar way to the DJM-900SRT. Open the driver panel and select 'REC OUT' in the dropdown for one of the channels to give it up for recording. In the Serato DJ record panel, select the same channel as the REC source - you're good to go!
  • In order to use software features that require MIDI such as Serato Video faders, EQ effects and EQ coloured waveforms, users will need to turn on MIDI on the mixer. This is a button labelled ‘On/Off’ in the MIDI section on the top right of the mixer.

Get started:

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below :)

Join the Serato DJ 1.9.6 Public Beta Mon, 30 Jan 2017 20:00:00 +0000 Eddie R

Serato DJ 1.9.6 is now in Public Beta and with this release, we’ve focused on feedback from users to deliver one of our best updates yet. Including significant improvements for DVS users, new Pitch Play mappings for supported hardware, feature improvements and much more. 


This release includes: 

  • Significant DVS improvements including the new Anti-Drift option to stabilize BPM, Smart Sync and improvements to needle drop sensitivity.
  • Feature improvements including Favorite FX banks, Chronological Loops, Reordering Loops and Enable /Disable Hot Cues as an option.
  • Pitch Play mappings for supported hardware* (requires Pitch ‘n Time DJ license).
  • Significant stability & performance improvements.

DVS Sync Improvements

Serato DJ 1.9.6 beta includes a number of exciting and important improvements for DVS users:

  • New Anti-Drift option which allows DVS users to stabilize the BPM of playing tracks, perfect for long mixes and blends.
  • Smart Sync is now available for DVS users. Sync multiple tracks and sources together easily without tracks falling out of beat.
  • New option to allow pitch adjustments to make the BPM of all decks in sync follow.
  • Improvements to Needle Drop sensitivity, for increased performance with the Sticker Lock feature and more.

Performance Enhancements

Below are some great performance enhancements focused on improving your workflow:

  • Pitch Play mappings for supported hardware, including the DDJ-SX, DJM-S9, NS7III, NVII and more (requires Pitch ‘n Time DJ license).
  • Favorite FX banks option allows you to easily recall your favorite FX configurations.
  • Chronological Loops option for saving your Loops in chronological order.
  • Loops can now be reordered into your preferred order.
  • Enable/Disable Hot Cues option in setup menu.

Stability Enhancements & Improvements

We’ve been listening closely to our users and worked to include significant stability improvements on your most requested features. This includes:

  • Dictate Smart Crates by key notation.
  • Scratching no longer jumps out of a Loop.
  • Playhead no longer jumps out of Loop when censor is released.
  • Audio optimizations.
  • Memory optimizations.


Join the Serato DJ 1.9.6 public beta to try this update early and give feedback.

Read the full list of bug fixes, changes, and additions in the Serato DJ 1.9.6 beta area.

Join the Serato DJ 1.9.6 beta:


* Pitch Play mappings for supported controllers

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Numark NS7II - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Numark NS7III - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Numark NV - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Numark NVII - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]
  • Akai Pro AFX - [SHIFT + SAMPLER]