The Serato Blog The Serato Blog en-us Tue, 17 Oct 2017 18:38:51 +0000 Serato DJ 1.9.9 - Support for the Roland DJ-202 & DJ-505 Mon, 09 Oct 2017 20:29:00 +0000 Jordan L

With the release of Serato DJ 1.9.9 comes official support for the Roland DJ-202 & DJ-505 that were announced earlier this year at the DJ Expo.


The DJ-202 is a Serato DJ Upgrade Ready controller and the DJ-505 is Serato DJ Enabled, so you can just plug in and play.

Both controllers are comprehensively equipped to control Serato DJ but are also armed with the ability to sequence drums and samples behind your mix. 


Roland DJ-202


The DJ-202 is a portable two-channel, four-deck DJ controller for Serato DJ Intro.

Key Features

  • USB powered for simple plug-and-play connectivity with Serato DJ Intro and is Serato DJ Upgrade Ready
  • Sequencer can trigger the 4-slot Serato Sampler within Serato DJ Intro using the performance pads
  • Independent sampler volume control
  • Easy grab handles and lightweight design
  • Largest platter size and lowest latency platters for its class
  • Durable, brushed aluminium top plate just like the flagship DJ-808
  • Built-in TR drum sounds, using Roland’s acclaimed ACB technology
  • Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Closed Hat, Open Hat, Tom, Rim, Clap, and Ride sounds from legendary TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines

Download Serato DJ Intro 1.3


Roland DJ-505


The DJ-505 is a compact two-channel, four-deck mixer/DJ controller for Serato DJ.

Key Features

  • Fully editable, built-in TR drum sounds, using Roland’s acclaimed ACB technology
  • Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Closed Hat, Open Hat, Tom, Rim, Clap, and Ride sounds from legendary TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines
  • In addition to the internal TR drum sounds, the TR-S sequencer can also trigger the 8-slot Serato Sampler within Serato DJ
  • Mix and match sounds, layer for bigger sounds, or use for performance dynamics
  • Large, ultra low-latency platters with an illuminated jog wheel outer-ring
  • Built-in sound card supports 48kHz sampling rate
  • High-end Roland audio output circuit for Master and Booth outputs
  • Balanced XLR outputs let you connect directly to a professional PA system
  • Monitor your mix via the Booth Outs as well as separate 1/4" and 1/8” headphone outs
  • Mixer can be used standalone via connection of multi-players or turntables using the line and phono inputs and is DVS Upgrade Ready
  • Purchase of DVS Pack allows for connectivity with turntables and Serato Timecode vinyl
  • Serato DJ Tool Kit included - This bundle includes Serato Flip, Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ, and all five Serato FX packs

    Download Serato DJ 1.9.9

Hudson Mohawke @ Boiler Room - Blade Runner 2049 Special Fri, 06 Oct 2017 03:11:00 +0000 Jordan L

Super producer, DMC finalist and Serato artist Hudson Mohawke recently returned to the Boiler Room for the Blade Runner 2049 special in London.


Check out HudMo's full set from the event below and join the internet in asking for the tracklist.

Cursed Halloween Control Vinyl Thu, 28 Sep 2017 21:09:00 +0000 Jordan L

Created in the depths of Serato HQ’s caverns comes 4 new pieces of cursed control vinyl.

The ‘Screams from the grave!’ and ‘Fangs under the full moon!’ sets are ready to order.

Make sure your decks are haunted by these monstrous creations on Halloween to ward off pesky requesters. 

Check out DJ Dstrukt as he takes each set for a test drive.

Get Yours Now

Hold Off Upgrading to macOS High Sierra Mon, 25 Sep 2017 00:42:00 +0000 Jordan L

macOS 10.13 High Sierra has been released but is not yet supported in Serato DJ. We aim to complete testing and confirm compatibility as soon as possible, so please do not upgrade until we announce official support.


If you have already updated to macOS High Sierra, you may have had some trouble installing the driver for your hardware. This is due to a new security feature that requires user approval before loading new third-party drivers. Please read our 'macOS High Sierra 10.13 driver install issue' article for more information.


We are grateful for any feedback on any issues that you may encounter using macOS High Sierra and encourage you to open a ticket to report them, here.


Please note - if you choose to use the macOS High Sierra 10.13 release with Serato DJ, you do so at your own risk. Please be aware that to resolve issues you may need to roll-back to a supported macOS operating system.

Getting Started - Downloading and Installing Serato Sample Thu, 14 Sep 2017 22:30:00 +0000 Eddie R

Serato Sample is a powerful and intuitive new Sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples.

It has the world-famous Pitch ‘n Time algorithm built-in, giving you the best time-stretching quality on the market.

Will Serato Sample work with my DAW?

Serato Sample officially supports a number of high-end Production software including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio and Maschine.

Serato Sample should also work with any production software that supports VST and AU plugin formats. Read your software manual to find out how.

How to Download and Install Serato Sample

It's easy to Download Serato Sample and Install it, check out our Installation Guide if you have any issues.

How do I find Serato Sample in my DAW?

Every DAW is different, so we've made Quickstart that will help you find and locate Serato Sample in your production software. If you don't use one of the four DAW's listed below, then please refer to the user manual of your DAW for more info.  

Ableton Live Quickstart Guide

Logic Pro Quickstart Guide

FL Studio Quickstart Guide

Maschine Quickstart Guide

Serato Sample Tutorials

You are now ready to get started.

We have a range of Tutorials to help you get up to speed with the various features in Serato Sample. Check them out below:

Serato Sample Knowledge base

If you need any further help, we have an awesome knowledge base, full of articles which will help you make the most of Sample.

There's also a great community of users on our forum and Facebook page

New Release: Dia de los Muertos 'Mexico' Control Vinyl Wed, 13 Sep 2017 00:57:00 +0000 MDMcClung
Dia de los Muertos is just around the corner and we’re joining in the festivities, with an exclusive 'Mexico' themed Serato Control Vinyl.

This 2x12'' pair of tricolor records pays homage to the colors of Mexico’s flag, where this tradition originated. The vinyl comes packaged in an exclusive black inner sleeve, with custom jacket and label artwork designs to match. 

 As always, each record contains the Serato CV02.5 Control Tone, giving you the tightest, most authentic digital vinyl experience on the market.


Don't miss out on this limited run.


You can also check out the 2015 Redbull3style USA champ and official DJ for the Oakland Raiders, DJ Espinosa showing a quick tease of the CV as he throws it down for 🇲🇽 


Buy now from the Serato Online Store    

Serato DJ 1.9.8 - Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 & DJM-S3 Support Thu, 07 Sep 2017 19:30:00 +0000 Jordan L


Serato DJ 1.9.8 is here and it includes support for two new exciting products from Pioneer DJ.

The DDJ-SR2, an evolvement of one of the most popular controllers ever built and the DJM-S3, a compact, affordable 2-channel scratch mixer.

Note: Click on the images below to view in hi-res

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 

Introducing the sequel to the popular Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR. This 2-channel controller adds a myriad of improvements while still inheriting the familiar, simple layout of the past model.


Key Features

  • Serato DJ Enabled
  • Serato DVS Upgrade Ready 
  • Pitch 'N Time DJ bundled (license in the box)
  • Now with Key Sync, Key Shift and Pitch Play controls
  • 16 RGB Performance pads
  • Four Deck control
  • XLR, TRS and RCA outputs
  • 2 Phone/Line inputs
  • Run via external power supply or USB powered


Pioneer DJ DJM-S3

The DJM-S3 is a power piece without the expense. This mixer is a stripped back version of the famous DJM-S9, while still retaining the high-quality soundcard and Magvel crossfader. This is our most affordable Serato DJ and DVS Enabled mixer, ever. 


Key Features

  • Serato DJ and DVS Enabled
  • High-Quality soundcard
  • Magvel crossfader
  • Dedicated Filter knobs for each channel
  • XLR and RCA outputs
  • 2 Phono/Line Inputs
  • Separate Mic and Aux Input


Download Serato DJ 1.9.8 

Mmmm pizza... Announcing new Crispy Crust Vinyl with Eskei83 Wed, 30 Aug 2017 21:00:00 +0000 Becky R

This one's been cooking up for while now. So we're pretty fizzed to announce  "Hot & Fresh", our very first Serato x Crispy Crust Records Control Vinyl.

"Hot & Fresh" features six tracks from Crispy Crust heavyweights Eskei83, Drunken Masters, Tropkillaz, Ben Esser & Donkong, across a pair of clear Serato Control Vinyl. 

Packaged in a pizza box, this one isn't your average pressing. It also comes with all sorts of tricks like pizza slice sticker markers, a menu with track info, and pizza-embossed Butter Rug slipmats for a super slick scratching experience.

Check out images below and grab yourself a pair. 

Buy yours here  


Side A: 1. Wax Wreckaz - Heavyweight Sound (feat. Dynamite Mc & Singer Blue)
             2. Eskei83 - Fire (feat. Bunji Garlin)
             3. Eskei83 & Drunken Masters - Rave (feat. Gunjah)

Side B: Serato Control Tone

Side C: 1. Drunken Masters & Tropkillaz - All Day
              2. Ben Esser - Love you More (Rafik Remix)
              3. Donkong - Burning

Side D: Serato Control Tone

Serato DJ 1.9.7 - Support for the Numark NS6II Mon, 21 Aug 2017 20:30:00 +0000 Jordan L

Serato DJ 1.9.7 is out now and introduces support for Numark NS6II.  

Numark NS6II


The Numark NS6II is a plug and play, Serato DJ Enabled and DVS Upgrade Ready four channel controller.


The NS6II builds on its popular predecessor adding in-jogwheel LED displays with track information, updated performance pads and touch mode EQ and FX knobs to the now classic design.


Key Features

  • Dual USB ports for DJ handoffs
  • 2-inch color LCD display integrated into each jog wheel
  • Digital mixer with (2) phono/line inputs that can be mixed directly without software
  • Comes with Serato DJ (full version)
  • Touch-capacitive knobs
  • 6-inch multi-function jog wheel with smart learning capacitive technology
  • 4-channel USB Audio
  • Stereo XLR outputs, Master RCA outputs, Booth RCA Outputs
  • (2) 1/4” mic inputs
  • Stand-alone mixer 24-bit, 44.1K audio
  • USB 2.0
  • 4 in, 4 out with (2) phono preamp
  • Replaceable crossfader
  • Roll bar to protect front panel control knobs


Download Serato DJ 1.9.7 

Serato DJ 1.9.7 also supports the Serato DJ Upgrade Ready Numark DJ2GO2, that was recently released with Serato DJ Intro 1.2.9. The DJ2GO2 comes with Serato DJ Intro in the box but can be upgraded to Serato DJ with the purchase of a license.

Serato DJ Intro 1.2.9 - Support for Numark DJ2GO2 Mon, 21 Aug 2017 20:29:00 +0000 Jordan L


The release of Serato DJ Intro 1.2.9 delivers hardware support for the Numark DJ2GO2.


The Numark DJ2GO2 includes free Serato DJ Intro software, and is Serato DJ Upgrade Ready.


The DJ2GO2 is portable and will almost fit in your pocket. It is perfect for DJs who are just getting started, those who are in need of a back up controller, or for those times you need to DJ on the bus. It has two banks of four performance pads, two jog wheels, USB powered, all at a super-low price point.


Get started with the DJ2GO2 by downloading Serato DJ Intro.

Download Serato DJ Intro 1.2.9

DJ Ruckus Seratocast Mon, 21 Aug 2017 01:16:00 +0000 Jordan L

The latest Seratocast is a high-energy club set live from Omnia San Diego, brought to us by DJ Ruckus.

We asked the man hailed by GQ as “the most sought after DJ in the world,” a few questions to see what's happening in his world.

Tell us where you are at right now and why are you there?


LA for three days to chill, finally, after a great month of July working and traveling.


Top 5 records doing it for you right now?

  1. Utopia - 4B 
  2. Rake It Up - Yo Gotti 
  3. Unforgettable - French Montana 
  4. Did U See - J Hus 
  5. Both - Gucci Mane ft. Drake (DJ Ruckus mix)

First DJ Setup, what was it?


Technics 1210’s (the black ones) and a silver Vestax PMC-03.


Favorite mixtape you've made. (Doesn't have to be released, eg for a friend or girlfriend)


A mix tape called “I Got Big Brothers” had a freestyle with Jazze Pha redoing big chips from R Kelly and Jay Z album, it was called Big Pimps.


Favorite City in the world and why?


Favorite city is LA. It’s the closest place to Miami where I grew up and a big city like New York.


What are you working on currently?


Working on working is what I always say. There is a never-ending job consuming music when you are an open format DJ, so keeping up with all the music alone is tedious. But now also expanding a brand and keeping the brand interesting.


Working on music releases remixes, and new deals I have with Don Julio 1942 and Hublot. Nurturing club residencies with TAO Group making my nights at Marquee (Las Vegas), Marquee (New York), Avenue (Los Angeles), and Marquee (Sydney) the strongest and most entertaining they can be!

DJ Expo 2017: Numark DJ2GO2 Announcement Tue, 15 Aug 2017 20:00:00 +0000 Jordan L

In addition to yesterday's announcements of new, exciting hardware coming to Serato, Numark has also joined the party with the announcement of the DJ2GO2. A Serato DJ Upgrade-Ready controller, fully featured and small enough to tuck inside your jacket.

The DJ2GO2 will be supported in a forthcoming release of Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ.

The design and functionality of the DJ2GO2 makes it ideal for every type of DJ. Traveling DJs will enjoy having the critical elements on the go to practice, prep, and adjust their set. Mobile DJs can use it as a back-up or for a small gig with a minimal setup. All the controls are at the DJ’s fingertips: simply plug in the headphones and connect the speakers through the master output.


Key Features

  • Portable two-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ Intro (free download)
  • Control the music with play, jog wheels and fader
  • Built-in audio card with headphone cueing to create the perfect mix
  • Song navigation and channel and master gain control
  • Perfect for performing or prepping your DJ set playlist and cue points
  • Fits perfectly on top of your laptop
  • 1/8-inch Headphone output
  • 1/8-inch main output


DJ Expo 2017: Rane & Roland Announcements Mon, 14 Aug 2017 20:00:00 +0000 Jordan L

While we can't all be in Atlantic City for DJ Expo 2017, we can all get excited about the new products being unveiled at the event. Take a look at the new hardware from Rane and Roland announced at DJ Expo this year, all of which will be supported in forthcoming releases of Serato DJ.

Click on images below to view in Hi-Res.

Rane Seventy-Two Battle Mixer


Rane's new 2 channel Serato DJ Enabled battle mixer.

Key Features

  • Solid steel construction—built like a tank for non-stop, heavy-duty use
  • NEW MAG THREE tension adjustable faders for crossfader and channel faders with reverse, contour controls, and cut-in adjustment
  • 4.3” Touchscreen for moving wave display, FX control, song selection and user customizations
  • Dual Flex FX engines, one for each channel
  • Chain-integrated Serato Software Effect control plus one internal Flex Effect per channel
  • Dual USB connections for DJ handoffs
  • 16 Akai MPC-style performance pads w/RGB backlight, adjustable threshold and aftertouch, with independent mode controls per deck
  • Two microphone inputs – combo Neutrik, on/off, tone, mic/line level switches
  • RCA Phono/CD and CD inputs for each deck
  • RCA session Inputs/outputs, balanced XLR, Main Out, balanced 1⁄4”, Booth Out
  • SERATO DJ DVS license built in, Serato Control Vinyl included
  • Industry First – assignable USB controller inputs for Rane TWELVE Battle Controller

Rane Twelve Battle Controller

Rane's new motorized DJ control system, eliminating the risk of needle skipping or tone-arm hopping.


Key Features

  • Full 12” Vinyl with motorized platter to control playback
  • Traditional, familiar turntable layout, no need to learn something new
  • Strip Search with 8 hot cue triggers access
  • 5.0 kfcm High torque motor with Hi/Low torque adjust for more traditional setups
  • 4 decks of control so you can use one, two or more
  • Extreme precision—3600 ticks of platter resolution for seamless performance
  • MIDI interface via USB that can be connected to the SEVENTY-TWO or your computer
  • 33 1/3 and 45 rpm platter speeds
  • 8/16/50% pitch with precise dual resolution detented slider
  • Top Panel rotary and traditional Motor Off switch, allows traditional wind-down effects
  • Serato DJ OSA READY


Roland DJ-202


The DJ-202 is a portable two-channel, four-deck DJ controller for Serato DJ Intro.

Key Features

  • USB powered for simple plug-and-play connectivity with Serato DJ Intro and is Serato DJ Upgrade Ready
  • Sequencer can trigger the 4-slot Serato Sampler within Serato DJ Intro using the performance pads
  • Independent sampler volume control
  • Easy grab handles and lightweight design
  • Largest platter size and lowest latency platters for its class
  • Durable, brushed aluminium top plate just like the flagship DJ-808
  • Built-in TR drum sounds, using Roland’s acclaimed ACB technology
  • Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Closed Hat, Open Hat, Tom, Rim, Clap, and Ride sounds from legendary TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines*


Roland DJ-505


The DJ-505 is a compact two-channel, four-deck mixer/DJ controller for Serato DJ.

Key Features

  • Fully editable, built-in TR drum sounds, using Roland’s acclaimed ACB technology
  • Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Closed Hat, Open Hat, Tom, Rim, Clap, and Ride sounds from legendary TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines*
  • In addition to the internal TR drum sounds, the TR-S sequencer can also trigger the 8-slot Serato Sampler within Serato DJ
  • Mix and match sounds, layer for bigger sounds, or use for performance dynamics
  • Large, ultra low-latency platters with an illuminated jog wheel outer-ring
  • Built-in sound card supports 48kHz sampling rate
  • High-end Roland audio output circuit for Master and Booth outputs
  • Balanced XLR outputs let you connect directly to a professional PA system
  • Monitor your mix via the Booth Outs as well as separate 1/4" and 1/8” headphone outs
  • Mixer can be used standalone via connection of multi-players or turntables using the line and phono inputs and is DVS Upgrade Ready
  • Serato DVS Upgrade Ready - Purchase of DVS Pack allows for connectivity with turntables and Serato Timecode vinyl
  • Serato DJ Tool Kit included - This bundle includes Serato Flip, Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ, and all five Serato FX packs

    *TR-606 and TR-707 sounds in a future update (date TBC)

Limited Edition Performance Vinyl: Battle Ave-SMF-Serato Collaboration Mon, 07 Aug 2017 02:29:00 +0000 Jordan L

To celebrate Serato and Sample Music Festival's (SMF) partnership this year for the festival in Berlin, SMF are releasing a limited edition 2017 Sample Music Festival Pink Control Vinyl titled, "At The Ave 3".


US-based turntablist brand Battle Avenue, known for their break records, are coordinating a scratch battle at SMF called the Cut2Cut. And have also partnered with SMF and Serato to provide production for the exclusive music download cards that will be inserted in the double-pack release.


The producers include Battle Ave's in-house production team and record label, At The Ave Records. As well as the U.K's Cut and Paste Records and USA-based record label, Raisin Heads. Each card will feature a mix of original music, instrumentals, scratch loops, and sentences.


Sample Music Festival begins September 1st and ends September 3rd. For more info visit

"At The Ave 3" Control Vinyl presented by Battle Ave, SMF, and Serato will include: - 2 Pink SMF / Battle Ave / Serato branded Pink Vinyl - 4 Exclusive Music Download Cards


Full list of Producers: At The Ave 3 Excess, Flow, Mister Remix, Rockwell, Revise, Antriks, Flow, Onedr, and CrippNipp


Raisin Heads - Dstrukt, Vinroc, Cutso, IFTW, SmoovGroovs, Shea, Rcade and RRS Feed (Raichous, Roza, Shred One)


Cut and Paste Records - Symatic and Darcy D


At The Ave Records - Flow & Mani Draper, Onedr, & Excess.


Official release date is September 1st via Pre sales begin August 11th, 2017


Follow Battle Ave on Instagram and Facebook


Follow Sample Music Festival on Facebook

MIDI Mapping: DJM Club Kit Range Sun, 30 Jul 2017 20:00:00 +0000 Jordan L

It’s highly likely you’ll find a mixer from Pioneer’s DJM range when stepping into the DJ booth of a club. Not only can you plug directly into the DJM-900NXS2/900NXS/850 and enable Serato DJ with the Club Kit license you can also MIDI map Serato DJ functions to these mixers.


Have a look through some of our suggested ways below to MIDI map Pioneer’s Club Kit supported range in Serato DJ. Implement the ideas you like or create your own MIDI mappings to suit your needs.


Sound Color FX


The Sound Color FX section of each of these mixers works well for mapping to Serato DJ's FX. Link each of these 6 buttons to activate your favourite FX in Serato DJ.


This section can also work well when mapped to Serato's sampler(although two of the sample slots will be left out). The DJM-900NXS2 also has a parameter knob within this section which works well when used as the sampler's master volume.


While these mappings will take over the mixer's native filter, you can remap the filter knobs to Serato DJ's. own filter.


EQ Section 

You'll often only use 2 channels while DJing, this gives you 2 spare channels on these mixers to map however you wish.


After mapping Serato DJ's FX you could use 2 of the spare EQ sections for adjusting FX parameters.


Any of the knobs in this section would also serve as good key changing controls.


Channel Faders 

Unused faders will also work as key changing controls. Cycling through keys with this method opens creative and musical possibilities demonstrated here.


Faders are also great for being used as tempo adjustment sliders for decks that are in internal mode.


Cue Buttons 

Each channel also has a Cue button, while you'll need the cue buttons on the channels you're playing tracks through. The unused buttons are ideal for mapping to functions such as Instant Doubles, Sync, Start/Stop etc. 


-Check the MIDI mapping tutorial for info on how to MIDI map hardware with Serato DJ.


-Click here to purchase the Club Kit.

Getting Started - What Hardware Should I Use With Serato? Fri, 28 Jul 2017 03:29:00 +0000 Jordan L

Once you’ve made up your mind to step into the DJ realm you’ll need to start thinking about what DJ gear you’re gonna get, commonly known as ‘hardware’.


Below are a few important considerations to make before purchasing your first piece of hardware


Can I do the things I want to do with this gear?


You need to be able to achieve what you wanted to do when you first envisioned your DJ journey. Want to learn the ways of turntablism? Then you’d probably want to invest in hardware that supports the use of turntables(DVS Enabled/Upgrade Ready).


Want to have an array of tools to manipulate the music you’re playing? Then consider looking at hardware with performance pads.


Maybe you’re just in need of a means to seamlessly play the right tracks at a party. A simple interface or controller might be the right choice for you.


Serato DJ Enabled or Serato DJ Upgrade Ready?


You’ll notice our licensed hardware will come either Serato DJ Enabled or Serato DJ Upgrade Ready. Serato DJ Enabled hardware enables our full, professional grade software of the box. Serato DJ Upgrade Ready hardware comes with Serato DJ Intro - a more stripped back software designed for basic DJing. You can also use these pieces of hardware with Serato DJ with an upgrade licence or a subscription.


Assess your long term plan and choose whether you want to learn the basics with entry level software then upgrade later or jump right into Serato DJ and discover its possibilities as you go. 

Visit our hardware page to browse Serato’s supported range of gear. Use the filters on the left to narrow your search to what suits your price range and DJ needs.

Dam-Funk & Spinna announce “Fresh Air” Wed, 26 Jul 2017 02:47:00 +0000 Becky R

A stinking hot summer is about to get hotter.

We're more than pleased to bring you "Fresh Air" - an exclusive Serato Pressing with Dam-Funk and DJ Spinna. 

"Fresh Air" features two full-length tracks from the funk pioneer across two clear records. The title track sees a Spinna collab swing into G-funk-driven house music. While Side C’s “Hittin” delivers a classic Dam-Funk cut punctuated with the neck-snapping snares and hazy guitar riffs we know and love. 

Each track hits the 10-ish minute mark, perfect for a DJ hand-over record. Very very good looking jackets and labels brought to you by Freddy Anzures.

Have a listen to the preview below (seriously, do it) and grab your copy below. 

Buy now

Dam-Funk also kindly stepped through our DTLA office to speak on this record. Have a watch here


Side A: "Fresh Air" feat DJ Spinna (9:12)
Side B: Serato Control Tone (15:00)
Side C: "Hittin" (10:32)
Side D: Serato Control Tone (15:00)

How I Use Serato DJ - Library Management W/ Jordan. Part 2 Wed, 19 Jul 2017 23:02:00 +0000 Jordan L

While keeping your music organised inside Serato is important, the organisation of your music outside of Serato - on your computer's hard drive - is just as important.


When importing music to Serato, the files themselves aren’t actually saved inside the software. Serato reads the track directly from it’s location on your computer. This is vital to know as Serato won’t know where to load your track from if you’ve moved its location.


Downloading Music


The first step in creating a tidy library is downloading music from reputable sources(Where To Get Music). This will decrease the chances of downloading files that are corrupt, tagged with lots of unnecessary info or low in quality.


I’ve created a folder inside the Music directory where I will save all my music. I have created sub folders for each year of downloads, a personal preference that keeps my OCD at bay. Keeping all of your music in one location really helps minimise the risk of losing files and also makes moving your library to another location a breeze.



Importing Music


 Once the music is saved, import into Serato and analyze (check out this article for more info on analyzing). I have a crate called ‘NEW’ where I will import all my new music. This is like a sorting pen for my new files.

After analyzing I’ll remove any tracks that show up as corrupt or display a bitrate of inferior quality. Then using this method I tag all of my new tracks with their respective genres and add cue points.


You can now clear this crate and enjoy playing with your new music while feeling at ease with your meticulously clean library. Repeat this process next week when there’s new music to download. 

The Power Of Music Mon, 10 Jul 2017 04:29:00 +0000 Jordan L

We’ve been doing some thinking about who we are. Over the next six months, we’re going to be trying to get everything we do and say to reflect this. In marketing terms it’s brand positioning, but in reality it’s about making every part of our organisation true to itself.

“Music is life. That’s my blood in my veins, that’s my heartbeat,“ - DJ Jazzy Jeff.


What is this power music has over us? This thing inside, that speaks straight to our souls? It’s one of those questions that we always kick around late at night, just after things have gotten mellow and just before they start getting stupid. For DJ Carisma, it’s a key part of what makes us human. For Maimouna Youssef, it’s a gift and a curse. For DJ Dahi, it’s a way of thinking and communicating with the world. Truth is, it’s all these things and more.


As a company that spends a lot of time arms-deep in tech, it’s why we do what we do. Now that we’ve grown up a little (well...sort of), we’ve evolved and branched out. One thing has stayed the same though - it's the power of music that moves us. It unites every one of us. It’s the lifeblood of our artists and audiences.


If we look back, this power was always there, right when we first started. It drove us to develop tech that made music more intuitive, more powerful and more creative. From the birth of Pitch ‘n Time to propelling DJing into the digital era. These are the moments we remember. It's the freedom of dark dancefloors. It's being lost in the groove. When DJ and dancer cease to be separate.


Serato. The Power of Music.

Serato Sample Available Now Mon, 10 Jul 2017 04:10:00 +0000 Jordan L

A few months ago we shared news of Serato Sample, our first production tool since Pitch 'n Time(1998).


We initially launched Sample as a Beta for experienced producers to test. Feedback from this group helped us improve and cater to different producer’s needs, giving us the versatile, powerful, user-friendly plugin that’s now ready for trial and purchase.

Yes, after months of saying “soon”, you can finally download Serato Sample.


Visit the Sample homepage to get underway and start a 30-day free trial or purchase a Sample license.


For tutorials on how to use Sample click here.

Free Loopmasters Content For Serato Sample Mon, 10 Jul 2017 03:04:00 +0000 Jordan L

Serato Sample - our highly anticipated VST plugin - is now available for you to use. If you’d like to test the waters in music production or you’re wanting to explore new ways of improving your sampling workflow then you can start a free 30-day trial now.

To help you get started we’ve teamed up with Loopmasters and curated two free sample packs that you can use when you start a free trial or buy our plugin.

When you trial Serato Sample, you’ll be able to download a free pack of 20 Loopmasters samples. This pack includes textures, drum breaks, solo instruments, FX and percussion.


If you purchase Serato Sample, you’ll get access to an additional pack of 50 Loopmasters Samples, giving you a total 70 audio files to start making music with.


Head on over to our Free Stuff page to grab the free Loopmasters Sample Packs. If you want to increase your sample inventory further, visit and they’ll give you 30% off your first purchase.

How I Use Serato DJ - Prepare W/ Jordan Wed, 05 Jul 2017 19:00:00 +0000 Jordan L

The Prepare panel of Serato DJ is often overlooked and should be considered as a tool for every DJ. While it won’t drastically change your current workflow, it can add an additional level of organisation to your sets and help you remember things you usually wouldn’t. I’ll share few uses for it that I’ve found handy in and out of the club.




To add a song to the Prepare panel either use Command/CTRL + P, a mapped control on your hardware device or drag and drop.

Tracks will be removed from your Prepare list once played.



Every so often, a patron may suggest a track I’m genuinely keen to play. Usually, the timing is a little off so I’ll tell them to wait a bit. To be honest, my short term memory sucks so I use the Prepare function to help keep them from coming back annoyed that I didn’t play their track (even though I intended to).


Saving Tracks For Later


While there are a lot of situations where this is useful, I’ll cover the ones that I often encounter. While I’m scrolling through the BPM bracket of the track I’m playing I’ll come across tracks that suit the mood but are out of key. I’ll add these to the Prepare window to play in the near future while I find a track with a compatible key.


There are times when I’m doing sets that extend from open to late in the night. The time at the start before people arrive is a great opportunity to test new tracks on the club’s speakers and decide if they’d work at prime-time. Use Prepare to remind yourself to play the goodies later on.


Making Crates


Using the Prepare panel is probably the quickest way of making a crate. Simply scroll through your library and use the shortcut keys to add any song that fits the crates theme. Drag the contents of the Prepare window on the new crate button and your selection will form a new crate.

PRO TIP: Recover Unsaved Recordings Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:33:00 +0000 Jordan L

If you’ve forgotten to save your recording in Serato DJ, wait and read below before throwing your laptop at the wall.


Take a breath, we got your back. Your most recent recording always gets stored inside of a folder called “Recording temp”, which is located in your _Serato_ folder. If you're having trouble finding it, follow the file path below. 

Navigate to your computer's Music folder, from here you'll find the _Serato_ folder which the Recording temp folder lives inside.


Once there, you’ll be reunited with that recording you thought had disappeared forever. Move the file into the “Recording” folder or any other safe location.


Note that the Recording temp folder only stores the last unsaved recording, if you’re looking to retrieve any recordings further in the past then you’re out of luck. Place the laptop down and record it again :)

Where To Get Music Tue, 20 Jun 2017 04:55:00 +0000 Jordan L

DJs always need more music, whether you’re trying to keep up to date with new trends, filling gaps in your collection or maybe you’ve just installed Serato and need a bunch of tracks to start mixing with. The info below should supply you with all the music downloading resources you need.




Streaming apps have always been great for listening to music on your phone and other devices with limited storage. Streaming is now possible within DJ software, giving you a powerful tool to find any song mid performance.



Stream any song from Pulselocker's gigantic library straight into Serato DJ. The epitome of convenience, be able to play anyone's request no matter how unprepared you are. 

Record Pools


Record pools are the preferred option for working DJs as they often supply a regularly updated database of music stretching over many genres. The subscription-based payment system allows you to load up your library at a fraction of the cost, compared to purchasing tracks individually.
For a more indepth review of the record pools listed below visit DJTechtool's article.



With monthly charts of the most downloaded songs and trending tracks picked by DJs in the know, DJCity is a great hub for staying connected to what's cool and in. While DJCity has a heavy American Hip Hop influence, you will also get access to DJCity UK giving you a resource for UK House, Garage and Grime.


BPM Supreme 

BPM Supreme will suit DJs that play any form of popular music. With a catalog spanning over a wide variety of genres and musical eras, Wedding/Party/Club/Video DJs should find this site to be a great resource.


Club Killers 


Club Killers supplies a wide array of popular music with a heavy focus on EDM. The pool is stacked with exclusive remixes, bootlegs and DJ friendly edits all supplied by their team of professional touring DJs.


Direct Music Service 


DMS offers a great variety of DJ-friendly music. From re-drummed old classics for weddings to edits of current dance music for clubs. Their nice genre colour coded website makes loading up your crates with specific styles of music really convenient.


Beat Junkies 

A haven for Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, RnB. All of the tracks are edited and ready to DJ with and as it's run by the Beat Junkies you'll also find a whole collection of scratch tools and battle breaks.


Digital Music Pool 


A very detailed site offering you in-depth search functionality and access to current and archived charts. The site offers a good selection of popular genres, which are displayed in a practical layout to browse through. Each upload has quick download links for each available downloadable version of the track, as well as displaying the BPM and Key info.


Promo Only 


A great source for current hits of all genres with audio and video options. The Promo Only App comes with a powerful set of preference options allowing you to fully customise the music that appears on your feed and the format you download in.



A complete source for HD music videos and all the tools a Video DJ would need. All files are pre analyzed/tagged for Serato. Highly recommend visiting SmashVision if you're predominately playing video sets.


Late Night Record Pool


Well over 10,000 tracks, the Hip Hop and EDM crates are very deep with a variety of other genres. The site is sorted into nice, neat categories making it easy to find what you're after, while the zip feature makes downloading all your selections a breeze.



A very wide array of music, maybe the only site that contains Christian, Gospel, and Jazz categories. Choose all the files you want then download in chunks with the zip feature.


Digital Media Stores


Not the most cost-effective option if you're looking to bulk up on lots of music, however great if you're searching for one little gem that you can't find on your current record pool.


iTunes and Amazon


Both have huge databases of music stretching over every genre imaginable. These sites should be your first places to start if you're having trouble tracking down a particular tune. Not only are these sites excellent for finding specific tracks but also for discovering new music through as you're presented with similar suggestions. Do note that these stores aren't aimed at DJs and won't contain many extended or intro versions of tracks.




The go-to spot for many electronic music orientated DJs. You can trawl through the depths of Beatport finding cuts no one else has or get familiar with a genre by visiting the renowned Beatport 100 charts


Juno Download


Juno has just about everything in the world of electronic music available for download. If you can’t find it here you are unlikely to find it anywhere else.




In their own words, Boomkat specializes in “the most innovative, exceptional, interesting and often overlooked music out there”. They have an on point selection of underground dance music, Grime, Hip Hop and everything in between. They also have great reviews.




Bleep has an extensive amount of well curated electronic music available for download.




A popular source for gathering underground dance music. Regular updates with lots of exclusives.




Everyone loves free stuff.


Stalk what music your favourite artist is feeling, discover new producers, download a whole bunch of music not to be found anywhere else... All for free!



A free source of tracks ready to bump in the club.


Forthcoming Questlove 'Sufro Breaks' Pressing Tue, 30 May 2017 23:23:00 +0000 Eddie R

We are excited to announce the forthcoming release of a pressing that we are super proud of and very excited to release.

Serato x ?uestlove 'Sufro Breaks' 7" Box Set

This pressing will be available from the 15th of June as both a beautifully packaged 7 x 7" box set, or as individual 7".

Each 7" record contains an exclusive drum break recorded by ?uestlove himself (hence our excitement) with Serato Control Tone on the B side.

Save the date as stocks are limited and you don't want to miss out on these.

Serato at Movement Festival '17 Sun, 28 May 2017 21:30:00 +0000 Eddie R

Welcome 2 Detroit, aka the Motor City, birthplace of Techno, J Dilla, Juan Atkins, Moodyman and many other legendary musicians spanning from Jazz to soul, Rock to Rap, Techno to Jit.

Serato has been coming to Detroit for the Movement Festival for a long time, always putting on a workshop or throwing a party and even though we are mostly associated with Hip Hop, Open format and Turntablism, the appreciation for Techno and other associated Dance music genres is a huge passion for Serato and its employees. 

Detroit is really a cultural ground zero for these genres and its always innovating and inspiring DJ's from around the world. In particular Europe. The love affair between the UK is clear as day if you look at the artists that come to play the Movement Festival over the years. Between Disclosure sampling "Detroits Filthiest" and Drake lifting an excerpt from a Moodyman set in Manchester for his hit "passionfruit"  you can see the influence even in the pop sphere.


Enough with the history lesson,

We arrived Friday to help host a workshop with our partners Roland and Ableton at the D.I.M.E (Detroit Institute of Music Education) to showcase the possibilities of using LINK. Recloose from Roland, OP! (serato) and Ben Casey from Ableton showcased this with the 3 of them jamming out on a TB 303, DJ 808 and Push 2 using multiple instances of the wireless network Midi protocol. Check out how to do this yourself here. 

Lots of learning on the features of the different platforms were demonstrated as well. Definitely worth checking these workshops out as you leave with as much inspiration as you can handle.

Later that evening Mixmag was hosting a Live stream at the Queens bar in Downtown Detroit with incredible performances by Waajeed, Amp Fiddler and more on the DJ 808.  

Day 1.

Starting the day at the Russell St Deli we made our way to the festival ground. 

Checking with our friends at Roland, Pioneer, Denon DJ we made our way around the various stages. The RBMA stage is a personal fave and we caught River Tiber with an impressive live set. We saw our friend DJ Nasty aka Detroits Filthiest and the legendary DJ Godfather. Both of whom are legends of Ghettotech.

We also bumped in to Eli from Soul Clap/Crew Love who hipped us to a cool party happening later on that evening. The party was at TV Lounge and we were able to witness an incredible set by Detroit’s own rising star Jay Daniel.

It was good to see lots friends and meet up with people who happened to be in town for this awesome festival.


Day 2.

Starting off in 7 milewith one of the most filling breakfasts we met with Chrissy Murderbot who was in town from Chicago. Chrissy has just released a new record  “Cool Ranch Vol1 ” which is available here. Over catfish, collard greens, cornbread and mac n cheese, Chrissy got to see the new Serato Sample plugin. He was stoked. 

After breakfast, we went to the legendary Submerge Records/Underground Resistance house located on E. Grand Blvd to visit our friend Waajeed and show him the Serato Sample plugin, buy some records and catch up in general. 

This house is a must visit and you can find the best of Detroit artist’s music there, likeOmar S, Theo Parrish and of course Waajeed’s releases at the Dirt Tech Record pop up shop. 

Booming out the speakers while we were there was the classic “Shari Vari a certified Detroit classic,proto techno tune that unfortunately wasn’t for sale :/ 

The festival was popping and some highlights of the day were Cajmere playing the Stargate stage and Dirtybird artist Shiba San at the RBMA stage. We also caught a very cool live set by Paranoid London there too. 

The weather took a turn for the worse, so there was a mass exodus from the festival to find shelter, but that left the diehards who were not afraid of a little water.

Juicy J closed the night out at the RBMA stage which was a nice switch up genre wise.


Day 3.

Probably the most stacked lineup of the festival, this day was bound to be exciting.

In the VIP area by the main entrance, local legend DJ Godfather was playing an incredible set of local “Ghettotech and Jit music” to start the day off. Godfather is a turntable wizard and had incredible cuts and juggles. It was an electrifying set, which accompanied the energy of the techno festival very well. Following in a similar context was Teklife who took to the RBMA stage with an explosive set utilizing the Roland DJ-808.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse (.. again) and during Soul Clap’s MainStage show. Their show was one for the books, and the crowd partied on, until the sun came out again. With a full live band on stage which featured Detroit’s own Amp Fiddler and matching outfits it was an Incredible performance..

Highlight of the day was Thundercat’s electric set and bass wizardry, followed by the ever inspiring Gaslamp Killer, who ran through modern west coast Low End Theory classics and Detroit inspired favorites by label mate Flying Lotus and more.

Exhausted from such an amazing 3 days, that was about as much talent you could hope for in the awe inspiring city of Detroit.

Thanks to our friends and partners, Roland, Ableton, Pioneer, Novation, Denon, D.I.M.E, Paxhau, Mixmag, Spin INC, the people and artists of Detroit and the organizers of Movement Detroit.


See you again next year.


Serato & Thud Rumble team up for Superseal Six Pack Thu, 25 May 2017 22:00:00 +0000 Eddie R

The Seal's out the bag. 

Serato and Thud Rumble are chuffed to announce our Superseal Six Pack: a three-part Control Vinyl series laced with skipless sounds from the man himself, DJ Qbert. 

Yep, three pairs. Each A & C side bringing a range of scratch sentences and juggle breaks carefully compiled by Qbert. They're skipless, so you can go all-in on your sets without sabotage from wobbly tables or rogue needles. We've also thrown in a pair of super slick Thud Rumble Butter Rugs for your scratching pleasure. 

Outer jacket & labels brought to you by Louie IV Daganzo. Inner jacket artwork by Yedifresh, which forms one mind-bending piece across all three records. 

Grab each pair separately. Or cop the lot and get FREE SHIPPING plus a nice wee discount*.

Buy yours now

 *One bundle discount per order 

Serato Superseal Six Pack 
Inner artwork by Yedifresh across all three jackets


 Flip through some of the scratching sounds now available in our Serato Superseal Six Pack. Note - these are not straight recordings but a collection of sound bites from each release.

Happy Birthday Roc Raida Wed, 17 May 2017 23:26:00 +0000 Jordan L

Today's the birthday of the late Roc Raida from the X-Ecutioners, one of the best DJs to ever do it. His routines inspired a whole generation of DJs, his juggles are still some of the funkiest around, his body tricks and swagger behind the decks pioneered a wave of DJs not only wanting their sets to be technical but to look cool as well.


Watch Roc Raida win the 1995 DMC World Championship below.

Thanks for everything you gave to the DJ community. R.I.P.]]>
Jam Master J'Son SeratoCast Mon, 15 May 2017 02:35:00 +0000 Eddie R

We were lucky enough to get a mix from the oldest son to the legendary DJ Jam Master Jay for the SeratoCast mix series. Jam Master J'Son is carrying on his fathers legacy as a top class DJ and producer, the current Tour DJ for RUN-DMC and Tour DJ for Mann. 

Check out Jam Master J'Son's mix below and a quick interview to get to know him a little better.


OP Miller: Tell us where you are at right now and why are you there?

Jam Master J'Son: I currently reside in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.  I live closer to my family in Georgia and it is one of the music capitals of the world. Living in Atlanta allows me to literally live within and immerse myself in the culture of music.

OP: Top 5 records doing it for you right now?

JMJS: Yung Book feat. London Jae - H.I.T.V.

Moneybag Yo feat. Yo Gotti - Section
Rich The Kid feat. Jaden Smith - Like This
Lil’ Brudda Haitian - Gone Bad
Montana of 300 - Ice Cream Truck

OP: First DJ Setup, what was it?

JMJS: My first DJ setup was the Numark NS7 original.

OP: Favorite mixtape you've made.

JMJS: My favorite mixtape I’ve ever made, the world has never heard. 
It’s a mixtape tribute to my late father Jam Master Jay.  One day I plan on releasing it for the world to hear.  Who knows? I may remake it with original songs with so many artists and DJs on there, because my father influenced so many people musically and helped so many people establish themselves in the music industry during his life.  It can be a mixtape/original album project featuring the biggest stars in music.  Could you imagine Rev Run and DMC doing new songs with Jay-Z and Drake for the project?  It would be like music time crystals; sounds forever frozen in time.

OP: Favorite City in the world and why?

JMJS: I’ve been blessed to perform all over the world in so many countries and cities.  To narrow it down, I would have to say Bangkok, Thailand.  The place is beautiful and the people showed Iyaz and myself so much love when we performed there.  If Warner Bros. Pictures ever films “Hangover 4: The Return To Bangkok” I have to be in the scenes in filmed in Bangkok. 

OP: What are you working on currently?

JMJS: I am currently working on beginning some mixtape DJ projects in the hip-hop genre, a video project with popping dancer Marquese Scott, an EDM album, and filming a series of commercial’s for Numark.

Check out more from Jam Master J'son:


One minute with Serato Thu, 11 May 2017 23:28:00 +0000 Eddie R

If you've got a quick minute to spare, use it wisely with our 1 minute with Serato video series.

Below are some of the artists we've caught up with recently, Cosmo Baker, Nick Hook, Prince Paul, DJ Maseo and Mo Beatz. They're only a minute, so instead of me telling you what they're about, just check them out below.

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