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DJ RAHking - 16.10.14.MAGIC.HOUR.41
DJ RAHking | 16.10.14.MAGIC.HOUR.41 14 Oct 2016 soul, world, r&b, soul and r&b, soundtrack, salsa, traditional, pop, blues, funk, jazz, drums, latino, afrobeat, afro beat, latin funk, funk soul, afro funk, cumbia, african, hip hop samples, afrofunk, ethio #TheMagicHour at Thirsty Crow bar, Los Angeles 90026, California, United States of America See playlist
Dj A-TRAIN - 10/5/10
Dj A-TRAIN | 10/5/10 05 Oct 2010 soul, funk, original samples, afrobeat, gumbo funk, afro beat, latin funk WVUM 90.5fm - Freedom for the Funk, Miami, FL, United States of America See playlist