New Years playlists by Serato DJs

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DJ Cris2K - 01-01-2018
DJ Cris2K | 01-01-2018 01 Jan 2018 House, Tribal House, Electronic, Techno, Future House, Bass House, Minimal, Deep House, Nye, New Years Eve Mundo Scalibur Discotheque, San Felipe, Valparaiso, Chile See playlist
DJ TAMA a.k.a. SPC FINEST - FB 2012.1.6
DJ TAMA a.k.a. SPC FINEST | FB 2012.1.6 05 Jan 2012 House, Dance, Hip-Hop, Top 40, Pop, New Years FRIDAY BUTTERFLY AIR-G FMHOKKAIDO, Sapporo city 0640805, Hokkaido, Japan See playlist
DJ Tanner - 31/12/11
DJ Tanner | 31/12/11 31 Dec 2011 Ghetto Funk, Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop, Video, New Years Eve Goodness The Office Tap and Grill, St. Catharines L2S 3K1, ON, Canada See playlist
Dj / Vj Coz - 12/31/2011
Dj / Vj Coz | 12/31/2011 31 Dec 2011 Open, New Years Eve Push Ultra Lounge [new years eve], tampa, FL, United States of America See playlist