The Bridge 1.0 Manual

The Bridge 1.0 Manual


Welcome to the online version of The Bridge user guide!

This user guide presumes that users have at least basic knowledge of both Ableton Live and Scratch Live. If you are new to either or both programs, we suggest getting familiar with each of them individually, before getting started with The Bridge.

What is The Bridge?

The Bridge extends the functionality of Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live, opening a world of opportunities for Djing, remixing, mash-ups and live performance.

You can control Ableton Live with Scratch Live using turntables or CDJs, combining Serato Scratch Live deck control and DJ mixing capabilities with Ableton Live’s on-the-fly remixing; including manipulation of audio files, drum patterns, effects and loops.

Scratch Live also acts as a window into Ableton Live, effectively controlling an Ableton set from within Scratch Live, and you can turn Ableton Live into the ultimate synchronized loop player for Scratch Live.

With The Bridge, you can export your Scratch Live mix directly to Ableton Live. Every fader movement and EQ tweak you make with your Rane DJ mixer can be edited after the tape stops rolling.


Before you can use The Bridge, you’ll need to install and register Ableton Live 8.2 or higher and Scratch Live version 2.1.1 or higher, which you can download here.


The Bridge is a free add-on, however you will need to register it with us in order to run it.

To register The Bridge:

  • Start Scratch Live with your Rane hardware connected.
  • With Scratch Live still open, start Ableton Live.
  • Ableton Live will then prompt you with a pop up box asking you to register online.

For more information visit:

Audio Output

When using The Bridge, Ableton Live will output audio through your Rane hardware. This means audio will be passed from Ableton Live through Scratch Live and output via your SL1, SL3, TTM 57SL or Sixty-Eight.

This will automatically be selected the first time you run Ableton Live and Scratch Live together. If you would like to output the audio from Ableton Live via a different audio output device you will need to set this up in the Ableton Live preferences menu. Scratch Live will always output audio through official Rane hardware.

Audio Routing

You are able to select which channel the Ableton Live audio will output to within the Ableton Panel in Scratch Live.  Depending on which Rane hardware you have connected you can select the channel you wish your audio to be output through.

When you load an Ableton Live Session to a deck, the audio from Ableton Live will be output through that particular output channel. As soon as this is ejected the audio will be passed through the output you have selected in the Ableton Panel.

If you want to use another sound card to output Ableton Live’s audio, ensure you have one channel available on your mixer to connect the Ableton audio output, and at least one channel available to connect the outputs of the Rane hardware.

Rane SL 3 Audio Output Options
Rane SL 3 Audio Output Options