With the release of Serato DJ 1.9.6 comes additions and improvements for DVS users. DJ’s who spin on turntables will find at least one or all of the below feature updates very beneficial.


Using turntables gives a lot of platter control to the user, but it doesn’t come without a cost. Wow/Flutter is a common nuisance that you'll experience when playing vinyl, caused by variables of the turntable or vinyl itself, resulting in unexpected BPM fluctuations.

The introduction of Anti-Drift combats wow/flutter by calculating the rotational speed of the vinyl and ignoring every abnormal rotation by applying an average. After a few rotations, your deck's BPM will be sitting at a stable number, resulting in a much more reliable beat-mixing experience.

You can enable Anti-Drift by checking the box found in the CD/Vinyl tab of the SETUP screen.

Smart Sync

Controllers have had an abundance of practical and performance enhancing features since their beginning. Smart Sync is one of the more commonly used features that DVS users have been patiently waiting for.

Smart sync is the more intelligent, more popular brother of simple sync who can lock track’s beatgrids in sequence and have decks follow the BPM of the master deck.

Enable Smart Sync by checking the box found in the DJ Preferences tab of the SETUP screen.

Needle Drop/Sticker Lock improvements

We’ve dialled in the sensitivity of our needle dropping features allowing our turntable users to utilize these handy tricks in their room, a club or battle with precision and assurance.

To enable Needle Dropping and Sticker Lock, enable the features you wish to use fromthe CD/Vinyl tab in the SETUP screen.

 DJ's wanting to use DVS that own DVS Upgradable hardware or Club Kit Mixers, will need to purchase the DVS Expansion pack from either inside the Expansion Packs & Activations window of Serato DJ or from the Serato Online Store.

Download Serato DJ 1.9.6