FX Demo w/ Logan from Serato HQ

Watch a video from 2013 where Logan from Serato HQ showcases the Back Pack and Wolf Pack, two of the first high quality iZotope™ powered FX Expansion Packs for Serato DJ. 

The Back Pack is a classic pack of trusted old school "analogue" FX such as Tape Echo, Time Freeze, Pitch Looper and more.

The Wolf Pack is a FREE FX Expansion Pack, that you can activate in the My Serato window in the bottom right hand corner of the Serato DJ window. This is a selection of advanced FX such as Epic Reverb, Bit Crush, Transform and more.

Using FX in conjunction with the many Serato DJ features available can really drive creativity. There's definitely more than one way to mix two tracks together and Logan shows how this can be done in non-traditional ways.

If you have supported hardware, you can upgrade to Serato DJ now.

If you have Serato DJ currently, you can purchase a bundle with all 5 FX Expansion Packs for USD $49. This is available as an in-app purchase or on the Serato Online Store.

Buy the FX Expansion Packs bundle.