FX Chains #003

Continuing on with our FX Chain guides, here are three more combos using the iZotope  FX Expansion Packs for Serato DJ.

All three FX slots are needed for these combos. These are best used in the lead up to the next crazy drop, or during one of those drawn out breakdowns for a bit of added spice.

U.F.O (Jet Pack) + Pan Delay (Base Pack) + LFO Filter (Base Pack) 

The U.F.O from Jet Pack FX Expansion Pack, adds a somewhat mysterious oscillating flanging sound. The Pan Delay will send the audio left to right, from speaker-to-speaker. The LFO Filter is pretty basic but all together, these three FX are a killer combo. Ideally, you want to apply this one during a breakdown or perhaps during a drawn out transition/mix.

1. Start by setting the Beats Multiplier to 1/2

2. Place U.F.O in FX slot 1, Pan Delay in FX slot 2 and LFO Filter into FX slot 3. Set the U.F.O parameter to about 8-10% (see image), Pan Delay parameter to 50% and the LFO Filter to about 30%. (see image)

3. When you hit the breakdown in your track, with the tempo of the track in mind, turn the U.F.O FX ON first. When you're ready turn the Pan Delay ON, closely followed by the LFO Filter. Let this draw out until this portion of the track finishes before turning all three slots OFF.

Space Verb (Jet Pack) + Transform (Chip Pack) + HPF (Base Pack) 

The Space Verb in the Jet Pack FX Expansion Pack is a super atmospheric reverb that can really be noticed on percussive sounds like drums. Adding a Transform and and HPF (High Pass Filter) gives you a really spacey combo.

1. Start by setting the Beats Multiplier to 1/2

2. Place Space Verb in FX slot 1, Transform in FX slot 2 and HPF into FX slot 3. Set the Space Verb parameter to about 30% (see image), Transform parameter to 20% and the HPF to about 0%. (see image)

3. With the tempo of the track in mind, start by turning ON the Space Verb, followed closely by the Transform FX. From here, apply the HPF by turning the FX slot 3 knob to give a Wet/Dry effect before turning all 3 slots OFF at the same time.

Particle Delay (Chip Pack)   + HPF (Base Pack) + Combo Tape Echo (Back Pack)

The Particle Delay from the (Chip Pack) will give a scattering type of sound, and combined with a trusty HPF (High Pass Filter) and Combo TapeEcho, you get a pretty sweet transition effect. This combo is suitable for when exiting a transition.

1. Start by setting the Beats Multiplier to 1/2

2. Place Particle Delay in FX slot 1, HPF in FX slot 2 and Combo TapeEcho into FX slot 3. Set the Particle Delay parameter to about 20%, and then set the HPF and Combo TapeEcho to about 75%. (see image)

3. When the exit of a transition is due, start start by turning ON the Particle Delay in FX slot 1, closely followed by the HPF. Now when you're ready, turn ON Combo TapeEcho for a split second, before pulling the Channel Fader down to give a post fade effect.

Got hella Multi-FX combos? Care to share?   

Comments (6)

J.J. 5:12 AM - 18 August, 2014
I just want an echo with no added distortion or filter. Is that to much to ask?

Also, you could adjust 3 parameters with Multi-FX in Scratch Live. Now, you can only adjust 1 in Serato DJ. It's very limited and not as powerful.
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 12:24 AM - 19 August, 2014
It's not too much to ask J J, and in fact, we're planning on improving the ComboFadeEcho to be a more classic echo out without so much filtering and added distortion. Is that the one you're talking about?

J.J. 4:29 AM - 19 August, 2014

I'm coming from the Very Nice hardware Echo on the 62 to the software FX on the NS7ii. I'm not sure if that is the ComboFadeEcho.

But like the 62, it would be nice to have a HOLD ECHO (looping forever) when you turn the FX Knob all the way clockwise.

Like in Scratch live, I would like to adjust 3 parameters for 1 FX while in Multi-FX Combo mode. I realize Serato DJ is about simplifying, but an optional Edit Tab that extends down for precise control would be perfect.

....................FX 1....................FX 2....................FX3
Param2........High Pass............Feedback..........LFO

Crump 4:38 PM - 19 August, 2014
+1 on this.

If you could literally put the echo out from scratchlive into serato DJ or something similar.

I look forward to trying out 1.7 when it drops anyway.
Serato, Moderator
Jason.S 4:30 AM - 20 August, 2014
Hey Crump,

Have you tried out the 1.7 beta? Build available here; serato.com

Be sure to read over those sticky threads before giving it a whirl.


aprilrussell 3:16 AM - 28 November, 2017
The History panel used to have a way to sort the tracks numerically. Meaning at the end of a session a DJ can see how many tracks was played throughout.
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