Edit Favorite FX

With the release of Serato DJ 1.3 comes the very first two FX expansion packs, with brand new FX co-developed with our friends at iZotope - the Back Pack (USD $19) and the Wolf Pack (FREE). Click through to find out more about Serato DJ Expansion packs and how to get them for yourself.

Favorite FX is a new feature to help you manage your workflow with your growing FX list. Use this feature to customize your favorite FX list to suit your DJing style and make it easier to switch between FX or simply remove FX that you just don't use.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

Go to the Serato DJ Setup screen and select the FX tab.  

Here you can select a number of your favorite FX that you would like to appear in your DJ-FX drop down menus. Simply select an effect from the "Available Effects" list on the left, then click "add" so that the effect appears in your "Favorite Effects" list. You can also "remove" an effect from the Favorite Effects list, if you decide you no longer wish to have it. 

The available Effects list shows both your multi and single FX so you can chose either one depending on how you use your FX. They can be told apart by the single dot and triple dot icons.

When selecting your favourite FX, the order in which you add the effects to the Favorite Effect list, is the same order the effects will appear in your drop down menu giving you further control of your work flow.