ITCH 2.1 Release Notes

11 January, 2012

New Features

  • SP-6 Hardware control
  • Simple Sync mode added for two deck controllers
  • Smart Sync pitch behavior changes

General Bug Fixes

  • Fix for crash on relocate lost files.
  • Fix for hang when switching banks on the SP6.
  • Fixed bug which could cause pitch to jump suddenly after loading a new track over a sync'd track and moving the pitch slider. Only occurs if there is only a single sync'd deck.
  • Fixed SP6 pitch sliders not working correctly
  • Fixed ctrl-click on the SP6 pitch slider jumping to the wrong value
  • Fix for Reverse not working when in Relative Pitch after turning off Sync
  • Hot Cueing while in armed sync now switches to Auto-Tempo so that the sync'd pitch is used
  • Fix for SP6 not loading the play mode preference as Sync in some cases (randomly)
  • Fix for SP6 pitch resetting when loading the same track to the deck of the same number
  • SP6 Trigger Mode now working for the Denon HC5000
  • Fixed Denon HC5000 displaying the wrong pitch when in relative pitch and not updating
  • Fix for pitch jumping if a doubled-slaved track was nudged into tempo mode (
  • Sync should no longer be turned off when a track is loaded on a paused or empty deck
  • Fix for armed auto-tempo not jumping to correct tempo when using cue or temp cue (which can cause a jump if you then push play) (
  • Empty Crates are no longer deleted
  • Fixed a bug where Crates could get incorrectly deleted
  • Fix for edit box not displaying highlighted text when using ctrl-a to select all (
  • Fix for focus incorrectly shifting to the crates list after editing multiple tags (
  • Fixed bug where Sync would not turn off when loading a track with no bpm and beat grid.
  • Fixed several bugs where playing a track with sync could keep doubling the track's pitch.
  • Fixed for possible incorrect BPM when using doubled/half BPMs in smart sync mode.

Allen & Heath Xone:DX Specific

  • Removed Crossfader Options dropdown from the setup screen because this is set via the controller.
  • On startup platters now always default to Pitch Bend while playing.
  • Fixed Cue Mix resetting it's value after hotplugging.
  • Deck layers 1 & 3 are now always active after hotplugging the controller.

Numark NS6 Specific

  • Fix for playhead sometimes jumping when switching layers on the NS6 after using the platters.
  • Fix for Grid Edit keyboard shortcut (alt+spacebar) not cycling through all four decks.

Pioneer DDJ-S1 Specific

  • Fixed issue where talkover ducking would turn off when only 1 of the 2 mic inputs became quiet.
  • Shift+Scroll Knob now jumps 10 lines at a time

Novation Twitch Specific

  • Swipe Mode will always default to Nudge (lit solid) when entering Hot Cues Mode

Numark V7 Specific

  • The History should now correctly use the A/B logic (the same as SSL) for marking tracks as played

Running more than one version of ITCH

Installing this version will by default overwrite any previous version you had installed, however it is easy to have more than one version of ITCH installed if you wish.

If you have an important gig coming up, you might like to stick with the version you know until you are comfortable with with this version. Here's how to do it:


Before installing

  • In Explorer, go to C:\Program files\Serato\ITCH\
  • Rename ITCH.exe to ITCH [version].exe

(where [version] is the version number of the currently installed version of Video-SL. eg. 1.1.0)

Then install this version of ITCH.

When you install the new version, the old executable will not be deleted. The version that will be run by default is the one with the name ITCH.exe. You can run the older version by opening C:\Program files\Serato\ITCH\ in Windows Explorer and double clicking .exe file of the other ITCH versions.


Before installing:

  • Make sure you are logged in as an Admin user.
  • In Finder, go to the Applications folder
  • Rename ITCH to ITCH [version]

(where [version] is the version number of the currently installed version of Video-SL. eg. 1.1.0)

Then install this version of ITCH.

Backing up your data

Before you make any changes to your ITCH setup, including installing a new version, as a general rule we highly recommend that you backup your data. The easiest way to backup your data is simply to copy your _Serato_ or ScratchLIVE folders to another location on the drive, or for a more secure backup in case of a hard drive failure, to external media such as a writable CD or DVD.

For the drive that contains "My Documents", just copy the _Serato_ or ScratchLIVE folder which is in My Documents\My Music\ to another location on this drive, or a backup device.

To back up database and crates of an external drive, copy the _Serato_ or ScratchLIVE folder (which is in the root of the drive) to another location on this drive, or a backup device.

Keep a backup of all your audio tracks

Just like any other machine, computers are never truly 100% reliable. Hard disk drives can fail without warning, and data corruption is possible even with a good hard drive when ITCH is not running.

Version: ITCH 2.1
Platform: Win