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COCO SOLID - graffiti girls 4 life [COCO SOLID]

10:41 PM, 7 Oct 2008
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MK 1 1:26 PM - 9 October, 2008
This is proper!! Love the beat, love the flow.. You're not as fresh as baby steps! Sick!
jose 1:39 AM - 17 October, 2008
yo i agree with mk1 this song is hot the beat is phat
kid90nz 3:08 AM - 17 October, 2008
Nice work bumping some NZ tunes on here Whitelabel. Not doing it for me, but COCO SOLID have got some crazy tunes. Are there any others coming? (hint, hint)
j cue 12:58 PM - 17 October, 2008
absolute garbage!
jose 11:30 PM - 18 October, 2008
reminds me of when i first heard jj fad ,,,,,,,,the more i listen to the song its like jj fad vs missy elliot
g money 5:08 AM - 20 October, 2008
this is cool i give it 2
dubness 1:41 AM - 4 November, 2008
ha haa! reminds me of Kelis, the original.
I'm giving this one a shot because its smooth...its actually got some hotness to it.
j cue 11:48 AM - 5 November, 2008
damn,, yall actually like this,, whats wrong with me!! makes me wanna hurl !
djmrgrant 6:03 PM - 18 January, 2009
It has some good qualities. It would not hurt to give it a shot.
j cue 11:51 AM - 1 February, 2009
yeh i guess...a shot in the head.point blank range!
Fields 5:22 PM - 6 February, 2009
Yeah...i'll mess with it
nik39 7:44 PM - 10 February, 2009
Uhm... I don't think they're flowing.
CJD 4:45 PM - 12 February, 2009
Could someone please spray paint her to a wall then paint over it???

j cue 5:35 PM - 23 February, 2009
seriously. anyone making music like this should be sent to north korea with a stars n stripes pinned to their back
Deejay Z 8:51 PM - 23 February, 2009
Great beat, but thats about it......
Dj Maj 4:37 AM - 5 April, 2010
really good beat that is all i can say