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Windows 8 issues

zenboom 2:12 PM - 15 March, 2013
I have issues with it skipping and stuttering, Its not all the time if i close serato down and restart the issue goes away but thats not ideal if your at a gig ! Is anyone having the same issues im also running a DDJ-SX controller if anyone has that problem with this controller which i never had when using windows 7.
Certified Quality Entertainment 2:37 PM - 15 March, 2013
Windows 8 is not currently supported with Serato DJ. This may be why you are having this issue.

You should use your windows 7 PC as that is supported.
DJNitro12 6:46 PM - 15 March, 2013
Might sound dumb but go into your hardware setting and disable your network card and ONBOARD sound card (Not the soundcard in your controller). Can I assume you're not running an I7 but and I5 or I3 with roughly 4-8gigs of Ram?
darkside2551 4:53 PM - 16 March, 2013
windows 8 is probably the worst OS to run any cpu intensive program live!
The "Cool and Awesome" Metro UI is always updating,even when is desktop mode.
The photo tile is always running its mini slide show and your twitter tile is always checking for new tweets....Basically your computer is doing a bunch of random stuff you don't need it to do in the background!No matter how powerful your machine is their is always gonna be random drop outs & clicks until they start letting people turn the Metro UI off 100%
I would really suggest switching back to Windows 7 it's going to be the recommended OS for a long time with programs like this, plus Windows 8 isn't even supported by Serato.
do what i do if you wanna play with Windows 8.....DUAL-BOOT!
Chris Beckler 8:36 PM - 17 March, 2013
I dont have Metro loaded anymore, my window 8 runs as windows 7 ;)
zenboom 4:37 AM - 18 March, 2013
Right after buying a new laptop just for music although with windows 8 i had my issues with tracks skipping, after the advise i got i went out and boughtt another laptop with windows 7 no mean feat as everything out now is installed with 8 i did this because i have an hp laptop which is a nightmare to install 7. Anyway after downloading the driver and serato i thought i would have no issues but yet again i had the same problems only this time i was playing out live at a gig, The issues were random cut outs and the left deck of the ddj-sx was tempermental, when i hit the play button on the left deck it registered with the software yet the track didnt play, sometimes when i pushed the track it would start but often not. Im honestly thinking of going back to Traktor because this was embarrassing !! I need a solution ???
LJ_WOOLSEY 1:23 PM - 18 March, 2013
Sell both laptops get a macbook pro New or Used and then issue free.

But if you want to keep the pc then have you tried looking at this --->

And this one --->

And this --->

Once you follow all this and tweek your laptop it should be good togo. Aslong as it meets above the minimum spec!!

But again if you want it to work out the box get on the mac.

Good luck.
Chris Beckler 3:57 PM - 18 March, 2013
Buy 1 machine for the price of 2 to run 1 software app... That is a ridiculous solution.
LJ_WOOLSEY 4:11 PM - 18 March, 2013
Buy 1 machine for the price of 2 to run 1 software app... That is a ridiculous solution.

Not at all!! You want it to work then buy what makes it work solid.

If you want tobe cheap then try all the rest that i posted no where did i just reply buy a mac.

My very good solid advice was yes buy a mac then all will be totally fine. Don't want/ can't aford then try all those links and then good luck.

Or don't take my FREE help and struggle with a buggy laptop!