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Scratch Live
Rane SL1
Windows 8
Dj Mixstyles 5:54 PM - 21 January, 2013
mp4 audio crashes on me, why? can i play mp4 in scratchlive
6:15 PM, 21 Jan 2013
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Serato, Support
Mak T 1:28 AM - 25 January, 2013
Hey Mixstyles,

Thanks for your post. The reason this could be happening is because you are running Windows 8 operating system. At this point, we do not officially support Windows 8 software. We are still currently testing our software with this operating system to make sure it works without issue. The only real applicable workaround would be to revert back to Windows 7.

Dj Mixstyles 1:22 PM - 12 February, 2013
i have windows 7 and that's m4a files that are crashing my scratch live i'm about to weed all of them out now
Serato, Support
Mak T 10:21 PM - 13 February, 2013
Hey Dj Mixstyles,

Thanks for your reply. Have you tried converting these m4a files into MP4 format and then reimporting them into Scratch Live? Please note you will need delete the m4a files from Scratch Live once you import the MP3 versions.

Let me know how you go with this.