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continuous play

Scratch Live
Rane SL1
sparq 3:19 AM - 24 June, 2008
Product: scratchlive
Version: 1.8.0
Hardware: scratchlive-sl1
Computer: mac
OS Version: 10.4

is there a way to create a playlist to play continuously from one deck? for example, if you're setting up for a show and you want music to start playing until you are ready for your gig.
Konix 3:30 AM - 24 June, 2008
Yes, click and highlight the "auto" button on the virtual deck and will load and play each track in a crate/playlist. Highlight your first tracks in the list and load it to the deck and will go through the list, automatically loading the next song in the list once the current song ends. This works in Relative or Internal mode only, you'll probably want to use Internal mode though.
TyKo 3:38 AM - 24 June, 2008
I never knew that either.. does it fade out /fade in?
Konix 3:49 AM - 24 June, 2008
No, it doesn't fade out/in unfortunately. Unless the songs themselves have fades, of course.
sparq 12:57 PM - 24 June, 2008
Thanks Konix. But if I use Internal mode, will it only play out of my laptop or will it go out through my sound system?
s3kn0tr0n1c 1:16 PM - 24 June, 2008
will go through mixer/system same as if you were using control vinyl/control cds..

you can change the pitch aswell if you want to speed it up/down
s3kn0tr0n1c 1:19 PM - 24 June, 2008
btw- this is how i setup "during the night when a dj is already playing".

set it on internal with one or 2 tracks in playlist/crate.

plug both line ins into mixer then wait till dj had finished.

when he/she has, switch mixer to line and now itll be playing from internal. whilst these tunes are playing i can unplug decks from mixer and put them to my serato box, calibrate em then im ready..

got this down to a tee now and can do it in about 1 track provided thers no techn probs with needles etc...
sparq 2:59 PM - 24 June, 2008
thanks. i'm going to try it tonight.