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Mr. Vegas - Hot Fuk [Greensleeves Records]

12:54 AM, 28 Jul 2008
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DJ Ricky_Dee 4:43 AM - 17 August, 2008
this tune gets the ladies moving...this tune is hot
CSR 12:59 PM - 20 August, 2008
It certainly did in 2006 when it was a huge hit. It's a little worn out now though.
Kool DJ Sheak One 2:52 AM - 10 February, 2009
Corrupt File Alert!!
The instrumental of Hot Fuk has this error:
"This mp3 lost synchronization between the frame index and the frames"
When trying to play this instro, bad things happen to Scratchlive.
AND the A cappella is bpmed at 116, and the Dirty is bpmed at 89.
Just a heads up.
Brigid 3:07 AM - 10 February, 2009
Did you just download this? Or have you had it for a while Sheak?
ChrisD 3:30 AM - 10 February, 2009
Sheak, I just download the instrumental and it worked OK for me both in the preview player and with hardware attached.

Could you maybe try downloading the track again. Perhaps the data got corrupted during the download.
ChrisD 3:34 AM - 10 February, 2009
Also, downloaded the Dirty and I see a BPM of 116 in Scratch Live.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems to Sheak?
TRW Records 10:36 AM - 1 October, 2010
I'm having this same problem with 5 Whitelabel songs I've downloaded. If I re-download them, the new ones work fine. Thought maybe I was doing something wrong.