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What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Comment tags on cues/loops, anywhere in song that display when song is in play

Dave The One 11:38 PM - 14 January, 2013
It would be cool to be able to leave comment tags on your cue points/anywhere in the song so that you can label choruses, breaks, bridge, main vocal.

As you see the track playing you can see the comment pop up, ex: "4 more bars till break" or "get ready to drop acapella". Kind of like sound cloud when people leave comments on certain parts of the tracks/songs.

Very handy in a situation where you want to work quickly when cueing through track for a specific part of the song; or if you or someone else are using someone elses library and you're not familiar with their specific mixes of the song.
XRM5 6:34 PM - 15 January, 2013

a way to start might be allowing this with cue points.

the SoundCloud reference is a great one.
Anton1G 11:21 AM - 16 January, 2013
tobias.jungnickel 7:06 AM - 17 January, 2013
(I've made a similar request here:
Dave The One 4:05 AM - 5 February, 2014
So far cue point naming made it.