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Running ITCH on an AMD processor

Novation TWITCH + Vestax VFX‑1
Windows 7 (64 bit)
pdelacruz01 11:20 PM - 12 December, 2012
This is more of a general question. I know AMD is not generally supported by Serato, as there seems to be a problem with the chipsets and usb devices. However, I have been running an external USB DAC out of my AMP laptop for years now with no problems. Do you think this means there is a good chance (but not guarantee) that the Novation Twitch with ITCH will work with my laptop? Thanks.
Serato, Support
Jamie W 1:41 AM - 14 December, 2012
Hey Pdelacruz01,

As we do not support AMD processors I cant comment as to whether it will work or not.
We will not take any responsibilty if the product does not work as we have stated AMD processors are not supported.

I would recommend posting a thread in GENERAL DJ DISCUSSIONS to see if any other user can give you some feedback.

Another option would be to purchase from a shop with a 30 day return policy so you can trial the TWITCH controller before you decide if you want to buy it.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in contact with us.

saNppa 3:35 PM - 25 December, 2012
I tried Twitch on my secondary laptop that has AMD TL-60 (w/ Vista) and it seems to work fine (w/ Itch 2.1)
Serato, Support
Jamie W 9:07 PM - 26 December, 2012
Hey SaNppa,

Some users have no issues running SERATO software with AMD processors. However we do not support these processors.

For general questions and feedback on controllers from other users its best to post a thread in the GENERAL DISCUSSIONS forum area.

10:00 PM, 9 Jan 2013
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