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Various Artists - The Mission Riddim [VP Records]

11:33 PM, 21 May 2008
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selectajay 4:39 AM - 22 May, 2008
its been out but this riddm sellll offff!! wickedddddd..suprising to hear jay-z on this riddm but he came off good with movado.wicked combo i mus say. keep the reggae riddms comin! KABOOOM!...
MK 1 1:24 PM - 22 May, 2008
BIG already! Liking all the versions, especially Mavado & Jigga... 8/10 Thanks for these..
SanMan_ish 12:29 AM - 6 June, 2008
sell awfffffff.... looking forward to the video wit Jay-Z in d Gully... Mykal Rose led the way late last year...
DJPremium 9:11 AM - 26 June, 2008
I love this riddim, all the tracks are hot! keep bringig this to us!
DjSugarDaddy 10:26 AM - 26 June, 2008
Wow alot of star power on this one here! Lovin It!
daddy ruff jnr 11:15 AM - 26 June, 2008
Fyah Fyha Push up ya lighterz
CSR 2:54 PM - 26 June, 2008
This riddim is tuff. One of the biggest crowd pleasers in the reggae clubs recently.
Res-Q 8:08 PM - 26 June, 2008
One of the biggest forward of the night each time I play this riddim. Also, you guys need to check the mavado remix called "we need barack" on this riddim, that's a presidential dubplate.
JohnnyG1 10:51 PM - 26 June, 2008
Even the TOUGHEST crowds should open up to this esp. the one with the Jigga man!
DJ DisGrace 4:49 AM - 27 June, 2008
big big big tune for the summer
Kool DJ Sheak One 2:53 AM - 29 June, 2008
Funny hearing Hov getting all Rudebwoy on 'em. All we need now is a Reggaeton Jay-Z track.<----I kiiiid...

Not the danciest riddim, but I can see how the club could get hyped on this one.

The Marleys' version, and Elephant mans AKA ODBs' long lost brother version is cool to drop into.
Grafta 1:39 AM - 1 July, 2008
Respect, this has been one of the biggest riddims about for a while.
Baby G label killing it, u kno Gang War, Supa Charge etc. Baaad production values i gotta say.
Be wicked to see more this gear on here.
Dj Empire 7:19 AM - 21 December, 2008
Been playing the jay z track for some time love the other tracks with elephant man and so on good way to move the crowd with the same beat but diff artist
beatdown 5:01 AM - 8 January, 2009
love the riddim albums (seriously good move in terms of providing something DJs will actually USE and play out)
Micill Cool OG 9:53 AM - 3 October, 2011
this is all i needed