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Serato skin for a PC

Frankie D 3:22 AM - 13 May, 2008
Can someone please direct me to a website that sells serato skin for a "PC". Thanks.
djbriguy 4:25 AM - 13 May, 2008
Its not made, because size of keyboards varies so much on every PC. With a MAC, every keyboard is about the same size. but you can make them yourself.

Check here.
Dj_KaGeN 6:03 PM - 13 May, 2008
i bought small colored dots... and color-coded my laptop keys. the mac, and the 2 dells.
djbriguy 4:58 AM - 14 May, 2008
SNAKE skin
DeezNotes 12:14 PM - 14 May, 2008
I got something in my email the other day about a sticker template you can put on your keys.
DANDYMYTE LBC 4:48 PM - 10 September, 2012
I have a 17 inch dell need to know where I can get the key board skin for the serato
Dax 2:21 PM - 14 September, 2012
Miky Don 5:19 PM - 3 March, 2013
I have sony vaio computer 15" were can i get serato shortcut skin for my pc