Serato Software Feature Suggestions

What features would you like to see in Serato software?


Mitchythekid 8:36 AM - 25 October, 2012
Do you guys realize how many hours we put in to organization of our libraries?

I just spent hours and hours organizing tracks in to crates in order for mixes.

Restarted my computer to make sure everything was fresh before I started. Boom everything is out of order.

Or if we re-organize our libraries and end up having broken links, the only way to fix it is to track every single track down and re-enter them in the crates.

Can we get a SOLID library? And a solid search system, I've dragged my main folders in. But it still seems to miss files. Like I can search in windows explorer and find the file. But it seems unless I go to every sub folder and drag them to the library it seems to miss them.

Also a RELIABLE relocate lost files? I've been through 4 different computers since I've started using Serato and it never works or it locks up Serato.

I honestly can't even count the amount of hours lost because of these features being so poor.