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new to SSl

DJVigor 12:59 AM - 9 December, 2005
hi i plan on buying SSL but i was wonder what some computer req. are and what a firewire port and if it is needed
Revolutionary 5:53 AM - 9 December, 2005
Check out the laptop thread in the General Discussion area.

SSL uses USB 1.1...
DJ Unique 6:31 AM - 9 December, 2005
Minimum requirements

Mac OS X 10.2.8
G4-500 mhz, 256 MB Ram

Windows XP
P3-700 mhz, 256 MB Ram

Your computer must be equiped with USB 1.1 or 2.0 for the Scratch Live box.

You will not need a firewire port for the SL1 box, however I run external HDD's through firewire.
nobspangle 8:00 PM - 11 December, 2005
you only need 128MB RAM