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Macbook: v 1.8 not saving changes+USB dropouts

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
Ceasar K 7:19 AM - 26 April, 2008

I just decided to switch my serato to mac and bought a mac book and installed 1.8 on it..

MAC OS X Version 10.4.10
Processor: 2 Ghz intel core duo
1 GB ram

Whatever i do (import, crates etc) disappears when i restart the program...

Also, im getting the USB sign every now and then when i connect the hardware--i never got that on my pc..

Please help,

Ceasar K 5:45 PM - 26 April, 2008
Will someone please help?? I need to get my system up and running!

I tried downgrading to previous versions of SERATO but still soon as i exit the software all crates dissapear!

Josh 5:09 AM - 28 April, 2008
hi ceasar k,

can you check that your music/scratchlive folder is read/write? select it in finder then press apple+i to bring up the info panel on it.
Ceasar K 9:31 PM - 28 April, 2008
yea it is read/write..i just checked..what can the problem possibly be then??
Josh 11:09 PM - 29 April, 2008
try re-naming the scratchlive folder with ssl closed and restarting.
Ceasar K 8:27 AM - 2 May, 2008
My bad..i think it was because my music was located on the windows worked now! Thanks..

Regarding the USB sign that keeps popping up every now and then..any settings i should make on my mac other than turning off the airport?
Josh 3:06 AM - 6 May, 2008
perhaps try the other USB port? which port are you connected to?