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Duplicate Tracks.......

Crackpipe 8:00 AM - 3 July, 2012
I organize tracks and create tracks manually and somehow Serato started reading folders of music that I never intended to add. Shit probably got fucked up when I tried testing out iTunes.

Anyhow, I now have lots of duplicate tracks, sometimes up to three instances of the exact same song (same bit rate, same version of the song (clean, dirty, instrumental, etc...EXACTLY the same).

I thought serato was smart enough to only have only a single instance of a song (database), but apparently not.

So my question is, is there a quick way to delete exact duplicates of songs in the entire library or am I fucked (nh) and have to start deleting stuff manually?
Free Man 2:31 PM - 3 July, 2012
there are a couple things you can do. but if the date added is important to you, than there isnt a quick way.
Nicky Blunt 10:16 PM - 4 July, 2012
what system r u on? windows or mac?

If windows take a look @ media monkey.
jayruss 7:54 AM - 6 July, 2012

that media monkey looks awsome, like my music collection is a absaloute mess, jhzz i got songs randomly floating about on my desktop. that looks like an absaloute lifesiver !!!
Nicky Blunt 10:28 AM - 6 July, 2012
Ive been using it for five plus years, everyone who ive reccomended it to absolutely loves it. Its a great program & worth every penny.
jayruss 10:52 AM - 6 July, 2012
@ blunt

is it able to sort music thats on externals aswell ?
Nicky Blunt 2:37 PM - 6 July, 2012
yes, from multiple sources. so you can have a few plugged in at once.
Nicky Blunt 2:37 PM - 6 July, 2012
the trial is free. go take a look.I bought the gold version felt it was money well spent.
Crackpipe 5:12 PM - 6 July, 2012
@- freeman - good idea, however my SSL database got corrupted and I had to rebuild it, so all the tracks have the same date added

@ - NB - I'll have to look into this. thanks
Nicky Blunt 8:03 AM - 9 July, 2012
no probs lemme know how u get on. also any issues feel free to send me a pm