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USB conflict mixer/dicers or mixer/bluetooth keyboard

Scratch Live
Rane TTM 57SL
Windows 7 (64 bit)
Mitchythekid 11:05 PM - 15 June, 2012
My computer sees my mixer, sees the dicers and wireless keyboard and harddrive separately. But if I plug in the mixer and any wireless keyboard or dicers. Neither of them will work.

Mixer + hard drive = OK
Mixer = Ok
Dicers = Ok
Wireless mouse + keyboard = OK
Mixer + Dicers = No
Mixer + keyboard/mouse = No
Me = Mad

I understand there must be some sort of conflict. How do I fix this?
Serato, Support
Matt P 12:06 AM - 18 June, 2012
Hi Mitchythekid,

Are you using a USB hub? if yes, is it powered?

It sounds like an issue with your USB port/s.

Try updating the drivers for your USB ports and see if that helps..

Let me know how that goes.

Matt P
Mitchythekid 4:14 AM - 19 June, 2012
No hub! Just plugging them straight in. I tried dicers on 1 side and mixer on the other side of the laptop, but doesn't make a difference!
Serato, Support
Matt P 5:51 AM - 19 June, 2012
Hi Mitchythekid,

Have you had a chance to update the drivers for your USB ports?
Are you running ACPI? it might be causing the issue too

Let me know how you go with that

Matt P
Mitchythekid 7:58 AM - 19 June, 2012
I tried updating it all, said I was running the latest available software.

Looks like I am running ACPI

I will try to shut that off. Thanks for the help Matt. Very much appreciated!
Serato, Support
Matt P 2:40 AM - 20 June, 2012
Hi Mitchythekid,

Ok, yeah ACPI will really mess with things like this. I think that should sort out your issue.

Let me know if you need any more help,

Matt P
3:00 AM, 4 Jul 2012
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