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DJ Soul Slinger - Musical Section (The River Of Action Mix) [Jungle Sky]

8:00 PM, 9 Jan 2008
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cowsonweed 9:19 PM - 9 January, 2008
sounds good wish to see more jungle & dnb here please, thanks!
dj_soo 9:31 PM - 9 January, 2008
this is sick! Totally hearkens back to the old school jungle sounds that almost seems to be forgotten with the advent of all the clownstep/big room/pendulum-wannabe stuff nowadays...
dave 2:13 AM - 10 January, 2008
cowsonweed.... is that cows on weed? like dogs on acid?

We're working on getting more d&b on here.
cowsonweed 11:21 AM - 10 January, 2008
thanks dave, looking forward! yea cows on weed a parody of dogs on acid needed a nickname fast when i registered that came to my mind :)

dj_soo ur so rite.
nicmac303 10:46 PM - 28 January, 2008
nice tune, good to see a bit of jungle on the site. not heard of the artist or label before, but i'll def be playing this one out

cheers, dj2
Dead Puppy 1:28 PM - 2 February, 2008
very nce track!
chaco1 7:10 PM - 2 February, 2008
Cool. It could use a little more base but never the less, much respect to the artis and a thumbs up.
DJMark 3:28 PM - 6 February, 2008
This isn't anything I could play at any of the gigs I do now, but I definitely agree it would be great to have more "non-mainstream" type genres in here. If I played d&b I'd definitely play this.
MK 12 1:50 PM - 19 February, 2008
Like this alot! - Play it proper late for the head down skankers.
paulie 8:30 PM - 11 October, 2008
Thanks WL, need more drum & bass!
Samuhka 11:49 AM - 18 September, 2009
To be Critic, with exception of the sparse of the flute sample you used, it sound the same as a lot of jungle tracks.
RASTRUNI 6:08 AM - 24 September, 2009
Well i also really miss di oldschool thing dem. like natty congo, krinjah, psychofreud