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$150 for 300Gb Seagate External

Niro 5:01 PM - 26 September, 2005
Just a heads up to Seattle heads, Fry's have them on sale for $200 with a $50 rebate. It's a firewire/USB 2, just a heads up for wav file users.

Peeti-V 5:37 PM - 26 September, 2005
which fry's are you talking about......cause i think it depends on your location.......for instance, i don't think it is at every frys nationally.....i could be wrong
djphilly 8:16 PM - 26 September, 2005
well, i bought mine at Frys in san diego.. working fine so far
Niro 9:23 PM - 26 September, 2005
I mentioned Seattle, but you should check out there website at ,they usually have deals too. I know you can order a 300Gb internal for 120 and uses your own box.

DJ Unique 3:17 AM - 27 September, 2005
At Sam's Club I bought a 300 gig Western Digital for $159.
No rebates on this one.
Peeti-V 4:08 AM - 27 September, 2005
well i went to frys today and saw the 300 gb for 119 with external seagate for 150 with rebate though