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Subatomic Sound System - Crucial Times [Subatomic Sound]

2:00 AM, 19 Dec 2007
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dj_soo 9:18 PM - 19 December, 2007
These are incredibly dope. Will go over well both at my lounge residency and most of my big dance-oriented shows too...
Mr No 10:58 AM - 5 January, 2008
Definately like Naada, much in the vein of old herbaliser feat What What. Will be plaing out. (and finding more of their music... especially if the female vocalist is in the group.
Dub Asylum 8:40 PM - 28 December, 2009
woah, this is some heavyweight business! Like it a lot. Will have to track down some more tunes from Subatomic. Particularly like the NAADA track. Perfect stuff for my radio show on BaseFM