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serato does not recognize my dicers!!!!!!!

Scratch Live
Rane SL1
Windows 7 (64 bit)
Dj 3ddy 4:04 PM - 29 March, 2012
my sl1 dosent seem to read my new dicer, when i plug my sl1 and my dicer in via usb either the sl1 wont recognize, or the dicer wont recognize and will flashh all these difrent colours, it looks like many others have the same issue here with serato, please help me out becuse serato is no cheap and if it not going to work, that would be a rip-off.
DJDIRECT805 8:51 PM - 6 April, 2012
I used to have the problem at first but hat i did to fix it was to plug in my SL1 or SL3 first then let it load a little then plug in my dicers. Make sure all the cables to the dicers are connected good.
benny fitt 9:47 AM - 7 April, 2012
dicers should be a plug a play hardware no installing required

once plugged in they should flash , that means your system has recognised the hardware.