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Imovie keeps crashing when exporting/saving movie?

DJ Tecniq 1:52 AM - 8 February, 2012
I have a promo video I'm finishing up for an event and Imovie keeps crashing every single time I export. I'm not understanding what's goin on or why this is happening...All I have is a few pictures, transition effects and a visual loop...and it crashes while exporting.
latindj 4:33 PM - 14 February, 2012
Kamilla 7:31 PM - 18 February, 2012
I have been having the same problem and spoke today with a rep from Apple Care. Here's what he told me. Quit iMovie; go to Computer > Movies and move the iMovie Projects folder to the desktop. Open iMovie; create a new test project using film footage from the Event Library. Try to export it or to do whatever you were doing when it crashed (selecting Titles below a certain row in the Titles window made mine crash as well as exporting). If you do these things and iMovie does not crash, the problem is being caused by a corrupted movie project. (Although the rep wouldn't say so, I think that iMovie is causing the corrupting--and I think the problem lies with the titles--am still checking this out.) Just having a corrupted project in the Project Library will make the program crash, even if you are working on a new project. You have to rebuild your file piece by piece, seeing if it exports after each addition to see if the new addition is causing the problem (choose tiny movie because it's quicker). I managed to retrieve all the edited video plus transitions by clicking on a film clip in the corrupted project and selecting all and copying it and importing into a new project (though in between, I had to open and close iMovie to drag that corrupted project back to the desktop because it kept crashing). I'm now about to try to add back the titles...fingers crossed.
DJ Tecniq 7:43 PM - 18 February, 2012
^ crazy. Yeah man when I would try and add titled to the video it would crash. Sometimes when adding transitions also. I couldn't figure out why it was happening "every" single time. And then right before the exporting is finished it crashes "every" time and I've never had this happen before.
Kamilla 9:27 AM - 19 February, 2012
Right--so I worked for a few more hours and it was one particular kind of title--Organic Main--that was making the file crash--not all of them. When I tried to add it back to the rebuilt; it crashed; when I went to the old file that was corrupted and tried to delete that title, it crashed. When I tried to delete the clip that had that title on it, it crashed--so it is a problem with iMovie and that title (perhaps others). The transitions I used worked fine (though not sure if all of them would). Music, photos, film clips, etc. all fine. You'll see there are dozens of other people having this problem and that Apple is trying to blame it on our individual projects (saying it's not a problem with iMovie, but our corrupted projects), but it's a problem with the inbuilt titles (some of them) that is corrupting our projects.
DJ Tecniq 1:42 AM - 20 February, 2012
Right--so I worked for a few more hours and it was one particular kind of title--Organic Main--that was making the file crash--not all of them. When I tried to add it back to the rebuilt; it crashed; when I went to the old file that was corrupted and tried to delete that title, it crashed. When I tried to delete the clip that had that title on it, it crashed--so it is a problem with iMovie and that title (perhaps others). The transitions I used worked fine (though not sure if all of them would). Music, photos, film clips, etc. all fine. You'll see there are dozens of other people having this problem and that Apple is trying to blame it on our individual projects (saying it's not a problem with iMovie, but our corrupted projects), but it's a problem with the inbuilt titles (some of them) that is corrupting our projects.
Your dead on. It's not a problem with us it's Imovie and it's with the latest version. I would try downloading an older version but it's not worth my time. I don't rely on Imovie anymore until it gets an update. Apple just failed I guess.
Jonathan4g 1:34 PM - 24 March, 2012
Thanks DJ Tecniq it worked and there definitely is a software glitch with th "Organic Main" title format
Richie123 8:53 PM - 3 April, 2012
Thanks DJ Tecniq - I too was finding iMovies crashing when I was trying to publish a project to iDVD. I had not had the problem when publishing previous projects and could not for the life of me work out why it was happening. Thanks to your advice I swapped out the opening titles which were 'Organic Main' title pages and the project now publishes as it should.
For anyone out there with the same crashing problems review your project and if you have included title pages with Organic Main then try substituting them first off. I think there is definitely a Glitch created when that title is used in a project.
yesmynameisSeven 2:11 PM - 13 April, 2012
OH MY GOSH I thought it was just me. I was having thos problems, and come to find out someone of the videos a friend had imported from his iphone were making it crash. This was SOOOOOOOO frustrating because I was also trying to publish a video to put on a DVD. I guess I'll have to actually get some real editing software SSSSSSSOOOOOOO expensive ugh.
Rolle 11:50 AM - 22 April, 2012
Thanks for your ideas. I had the same problems: Imovie crashed while exporting the video to MPEG format. And the reason was a text of type ORGANIC. It took me a while to detect this text block as it was right at the beginning of a 30 min video. But afterwards the export went fine !
kakilong 3:36 PM - 23 April, 2012
I'm so glad to find this site. I've been going out of my mind trying to figure out the problem. This is particularly frustrating for me because the project in question is a memorial tribute to my dad. I tried to export to idvd and it kept crashing. This was really important since my mom wanted a DVD - she's 81 and doesn't have a computer. I let it go for awhile and then made another one for a friend who just died. The same thing happened when i tried to export to idvd. I realized the only 2 things that were similar in both projects was that i was using "organic main" title. I removed it from my friend's tribute and much to my surprise it worked!!. I was thrilled because I thought now I can remove it from my dad's. but when I tried to remove the title it kept crashing. when I reopen imovie the title is still there. It doesn't even allow me to remove it from my dad's project. I don't know what to do at this point and because this is such a personal and emotional project it is particularly frustrating. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. One other thing - it did allow me to save it to my itunes library though.
aggrimm 7:02 PM - 16 May, 2012
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for this post. A student has been struggling for a week with t his issue and after searching many apple support posts, none were as helpful as this one.

Her movie contained one "organic main" title in it. It happened on iMovie, version 8, on an Imac running OS X 10.6. After lots of troubleshooting, this post saved us.

Thank you so much. I hope that this post helps others that are having issues with iMovie :)
Rane, Support
Chad S. 7:20 PM - 16 May, 2012
Without reading anything but the title, do you have enough free space on your HD? Last week I kept trying to export a project which took roughly 30 minutes. I'd come back, it looked done but the file wasn't where it was supposed to save too. Did this about 4 times before checking my HD space. Had 1.2 Gb left. Doh.
DJ Tecniq 9:50 PM - 16 May, 2012
Without reading anything but the title, do you have enough free space on your HD? Last week I kept trying to export a project which took roughly 30 minutes. I'd come back, it looked done but the file wasn't where it was supposed to save too. Did this about 4 times before checking my HD space. Had 1.2 Gb left. Doh.
chad you are correct cause I did not have alot of space left on the hard drive..but i haven't used imovie ever since. I now 67.13 gigs left after I got rid of all the duplicate tracks from itunes..holy hell was that alot of space. So far I haven't had to use imovie yet but I'll try again soon since I have a good amount of space left on my drive. I believe that had alot to do with it.
LC 6:16 PM - 22 May, 2012
Okay, I deleted my Organic Main titles and it is still crashing! Ugh! What else could be corrupt? I have a lot of titles and transitions...are there any other ones that are corrupt that anyone knows about? This is extremely frustrating...about to go to my 2nd Genius Bar appt and I have to get this figured out...the only thing I can think to do is piece it all together again, but it won't copy and paste all the titles... :( Apple says they are user-friendly. Not so much.
MG100 10:40 PM - 22 May, 2012
Well done Apple!! How many billions do you make?

So my 13 year old daughter has an iphone and she made video clips for a school project. Her school uses Windows, so she tried to download the video clips into Windows so she could edit them, and she found this difficult.

I suggested she use imovie on our imac. She did this (twice), and spent a lot of time creating a project. When we tried exporting to a format she could take to school, iMovie just crashes. Exporting files with no titles is fine, but as soon as you add titles it crashes. Ridiculous.

I now have to write using a piece of paper and a pen (remember those things), a letter to her teacher saying that she could not do her homework because of Apple's iMovie. Just ridiculous.

So my choices are
1. Ditch apple completely - they may look cool, but if they don't do basics, then forget it. For me, basics mean - providing tools to help make and submit homework.

2. Wait for an software update. I've noticed that this problem is not new - so how long should we wait for a software update?
LC 3:59 PM - 23 May, 2012 is DEFINITELY the Organic Main title...I thought I changed all of them, but there was still one sneaky one changed that and it shared to media browser with NO problems!!!!! Apple--take note of ALL of the complaints...SO MANY PEOPLE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THIS!!!!!! This is completely ridiculous...the service at the stores is pretty bad too...these 'geniuses' cannot be bothered with little things...and funny thing is, I solved the problem myself with the help of pages like this! So much for geniuses...
MG100 7:36 PM - 25 May, 2012
Thanks LC but now there's a new problem. So my daughter has just spent some time removing the Organic titles and added some new ones. The export worked fine - thanks.

Now every time she selects the T option - for showing title browser, the whole application crashes.

We are using iMovie 9.0 version 8.0.6 (821) and there are no other movie files in the directory. the online support from Apple is useless.

Regretfully and as I type this, my daughter is now using good old windows (I never thought I'd hear myself say that!). For the same price as a Mac, I can get better spec bespoke WIndows products made... a really big shame.. I think it's time to get the old Nokia 6310i out of the attic. :-(
missilou09 12:29 AM - 10 June, 2012
Okay, so I deleted all of the "organic main and organic low" and it still crashes when I try and edit those pictures it crashes when I try and add a new title and I can publish but no editing?! Thanks for the advice! Very helpful!
gymcoach 2:26 AM - 22 June, 2012
this is the only forum I've actually found an answer in. It crashed exporting 3x, I had one Organic Lower title, took it out and hoping for the best!
gymcoach 2:59 AM - 22 June, 2012
it worked! you guys are fantastic!
mama 4:02 AM - 30 June, 2012
Thank you so much for this forum. I wish I would have found it earlier. I made a year end school presentation for my son's Gr 1 class. Went to export it the night before the last day of school and it kept crashing.
I spent the whole night up trying different things, googling and trying different solutions and finally phoned Apple at 6:00 a.m. to be told my file was corrupt and I would have to restart the project. 2 weeks of work to be done in less than 2 hours....wasn't happening. Needless to say, I didn't get the presentation done for the class but let parents know that I would deliver one to each student in the next week.
I remade the presentation, kept checking that I could export it throughout the process. I could right up until near the end and then "my file was corrupt again"! I just about cried. I googled again and came up with this forum. I deleted my Organic title and VOILA IT WORKED!!! Retried the original file and it worked as well. Thank you sooo much!! I actually thought I was going to have to remake it a third time!
MF&MF 8:23 AM - 10 July, 2012
I have never posted on a forum before.

Just wanted to say thank are a life saver! "Organic Main" was the culprit.
Andrea415 11:49 PM - 26 July, 2012
Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions. I am running iMovie 9 V. 8.0.6 and I had my movie crash over and over. I looked and sure enough, the culprit was the title "organic main" when I removed it and replaced it with another title, I was able to export the movie as I had wanted.

I wish Apple would acknowledge the bug (they sure got enough error reports from my end) and FIX this glitch. That title is one of the more pleasing to the eye....

Thanks again, community, for all of your suggestions which solved my problem!
CarolHondo 9:22 AM - 2 August, 2012
Just to say a big thank you...yes organic main was the problem....when trying to export it crashed always right at the end...after numerous attempts I went online and saw your site. And yes .. There was the organic main font right at the end of the film....I deleted it and hey presto it worked. very grateful for the advice.
Vohnkar76 5:00 AM - 9 August, 2012
Ok - this is not the first time this has happened. I"m getting SO sick of iMovie. So, I went through the project and changed all the ORganic anything (text and backgrounds "organic") and tried again - STILL quits at the end.
I went through this a couple months ago on a project (I'm a teacher, and my students had created a nearly 55 minute space movie). After lots of web searching, and trial and error, what worked (that I read) was switching users on my Mac (thus a "different" iMovie) and brought the project over to the new account. And, for some weird reason, it worked. I have no idea why. At the time, I didn't question it.
So I tried that again on this current project (a movie with photos and video, plus background music) of my 8th Annual Road Trip with my dad. It didn't work. I've tried it with 2 different account on my Mac (beyond the one it was created with).
It's not working.
SO sick of this. About ready to throw in the towel and buy Final Cut Express for Mac and start the project over.
Thoughts? Suggestions? ?Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you'r amy only hope!
mrwhatever98 8:02 AM - 26 August, 2012
omg i wanna thank this post! it helped me soo much! after screwing up my presentation at school this helped me a lot! luckily my teacher accepted another presentation :)
mcevay 8:26 AM - 9 September, 2012
After crashing a couple dozen times with NO explanation I was completely frustrated... and then this article saved me from throwing my mac out of the window! It was the stupid organic main title that was screwing it all up. Thanks so much for the info!
bambazonke88 9:18 PM - 11 September, 2012
davo2012 6:17 AM - 14 September, 2012
Just read this thread describing some very frustrating dealings with iMovie 09 of which I have the same difficulties. "Organic Main" in the Titles section is definitely corrupted and caused iMovie 09 to crash every time I tried to export it to iDVD or Media Browser or wherever. I removed it from my project and miraculously, haha, it was exported right where I wanted it. Come on Apple, really... work with us here.
RD-S 11:25 AM - 20 September, 2012
I have the same problem with iMovie. "Organic Main" might not be the only culprit. I checked my iMovie project that kept crashing over and over again, found no Organic Main, and I still couldn't export the movie.

I found another possibility of what might be causing the exporting problem from another forum, and that is the Time Machine. If you are using Time Machine, try disabling it. It worked for me. iMovie exporting worked!
Rob Novis 7:25 PM - 3 October, 2012
I am having the same problem on an iMovie project that I made and I'm not using the "Organic Main" title and I don't use time machine. At one point instead of crashing it read "error -108" which meant that I didn't have enough RAM, but then I took some advice from another forum that said to restart the computer, but It crashed again. Are there other titles that are corrupt.

I did manage to export to the media browser and then I exported from keynote making a quicktime video. You can do this by adding video in the media panel. Just drag and drop the video to a slide, then go to file- export - and choose the quicktime option.

but then when I went to upload to Youtube, it said that video uploaded may have audio/video sync issues, so I can't do what I aimed to do -pubblish on youtube.

I should say that my video is made up of bits and pieces of famous films taken from Youtube. Could these be corrupt?

Any suggestions?
Sam L 10:26 AM - 25 October, 2012
I got so excited when I found this forum but fix here...I'm still crashing!!
I have taken out "Organic Main" from another movie, I am using "Drifting" on this movie. I have removed time machine, I have put all my other movies on desktop so nothing else is up...Im going nuts, does anyone have any other suggestions please.
kimJ 3:38 AM - 31 October, 2012
I finished up an iMovie video after having it quit on me a dozen times, then tried to export it and found that it quit immediately each time. Found this forum and tried deleting the Organic Main title from two old video projects, and iMovie quit each time without removing the title. I ended up having to delete the entire project file for those old videos. Works fine now. Thanks everyone for sharing the helpful info!
Scott T 3:42 PM - 7 November, 2012
Thanks so much for your identificaiton of Organic Main as the problem. I was using one and took it out and it worked. I can't believe Apple didn't fix this. Shame Shame! Thanks again.
RickfromCourtenay 1:05 AM - 8 November, 2012
I too have iMovie'11 crashes whenever I try to export a completed Project to a Quicktime .mov file. I've tried all the suggestions listed earlier and know it is not a hardware problem. I seem to only have this problem when I try adding more than one Picture-In-Picture (PIP) option in a Project I'm working on. Happens on iMovie'09, iMovie'11 (9.0.4 and 9.0.8). Today I deleted iMovie from my computer and reinstalled it - same problem.

I've sent dozens of Crash Reports off to Apple and am not expecting any response.

Time to move along to Final Cut Xpress I guess.
Edk 12:02 PM - 9 November, 2012
I'm having the same problem. As soon as I added Picture-in-picture imovie instantly started crashing, even before I tried to export it.
RickfromCourtenay 2:42 PM - 9 November, 2012
I'm now wondering if it's worth my trying to downgrade back to Snow Leopard. I think my recent upgrade to Lion is when all this started happening. Can't think of any other reason than an OSX incompatibility with either iMovie or QT.
DJ Tecniq 6:45 PM - 9 November, 2012
I'm now wondering if it's worth my trying to downgrade back to Snow Leopard. I think my recent upgrade to Lion is when all this started happening. Can't think of any other reason than an OSX incompatibility with either iMovie or QT.
I don't think it's snow leopard I believe it's a bug in Imovie im not using snow leopard and it happened to me also.
RickfromCourtenay 4:38 AM - 10 November, 2012
Good news!! I upgraded to Mountain Lion this afternoon and my iMovie no longer crashes when exporting a completed Project to QT .mov format. Life has returned!!
Paintbox 11:02 PM - 11 December, 2012
Thanks to you all for participating. This has been going on for over a week. I've rebuilt the stupid movie 4 times. The apple guy says I should put the titles in one at a time and try to export it. That's a half hour, each time, and there are 145 transitions and titles. No way!!
Paintbox 11:03 PM - 11 December, 2012
I upgraded to Mountain Lion, upgraded Quicktime. Tossed all preferences, created a new user, tossed and reinstalled imovie and iphoto, rebuilt my's ridiculous.
Pwik 10:47 PM - 13 December, 2012
Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!

I found this topic, and it solved my issue with iMovie ! I wasn't able to export movie.... always crashing at the end of the export. I removed the Organic title !!! AND IT WORKS !!!

Thanks !

Paintbox 10:59 PM - 13 December, 2012
Turns out that my problem was that imovie had lost its connection to iPhoto and I had a corrupt iphoto. So I had to rebuild my entire directory.

But for most people it's just a fluke. If all the images in the folder from which you built your movie come back in the right positions - then you can use this trick:

Duplicated the movie you're making (just to protect yourself). Then copy the contents of the imovie file. Open a new imovie project. Paste all into the new file. It should be able to find all the photos and put them back in the correct positions.

Then test the share to quicktime.

Good luck!
budvar58 2:08 PM - 19 December, 2012
First off, what a great series of posts. I too was having all sorts of problems exporting a hi-res .mov file out of imovie 11. I tried many of the suggestions described here and in the other forums. I could not find any "organic main" titles in my project. I also made a small test project purposely including an organic main title and it exported fine. Are those of you who have fixed your problem by removing these titles using imovie 11?

I also did a small test project that included every kind of component included in my big project and that worked. Then I exported my big project successfully as a smaller M4P files (for itunes?)

I began to suspect a size issue.

Then I read the following in another forum:
"First, you do need to relaunch iMovie. Second, rather than opening the movie you want to export, you right-click on it and select export in the Project Gallery. This obviates the need for iMovie to load your project into memory, and allows it to commit all of the computer’s memory to the rendering task."

At first I ignored this and began to rebuild my project, segments at a time and tried exporting it the way that had failed previously. Although I did find a couple of corrupt video clips they just made my movie run funny and did not affect my ability to export. I continued to do this until my project reached a size (about 30 minutes in length) whereby I received my first "More memory is needed, quit imovie before exporting" message popped up.

At this point I followed the instructions above about right clicking on the project name, and it worked!! Please note that I have a brand new G5 with lots of RAM and storage so I really would not have guessed that memory would have been an issue.

I am currently working on an even bigger project. I'll post the results of that as well.

Nothing like all of us doing Apple's work for them. Too busy working on their image I guess.

Good luck!
Paintbox 6:42 PM - 26 December, 2012
When I realized (gasp) that I had exported the wrong file - I ended up doing something that was suggested on another forum. I duplicated the project 5 times, then cut it into 5 smaller parts, then exported each part as QT movies. Then reimported the mini movies, put dissolves (or whatever) between them, added the music, and exported the whole.

As for why I've had these problems, I know that I used the new animated map feature and had scrolling titles over some maps - which makes me wonder if I didn't just push the machine too far...

Whatever, at least I have a simple workaround that leaves me able to make changes fairly easily.
budvar58 7:09 PM - 26 December, 2012
Well I'm backing regarding news of the bigger imovie project I was working on and I'm afraid its not good. What worked for my other project has not worked for two others I am working on. Not that this is any surprise, but imovie seems to have a myriad of issues. My guess is that all the remedies listed above (including mine) do all long as there isn't a second issue also involved with the project.

Some of these "cut and paste" into a new project seem like a good way to go but it is taking me forever to so this because all I seem to be able to cut and paste as one item are the stills and movie clips and their transitions. I can only take one audio segment over at a time and the same goes for any text or titles I have added. Does anyone know a way to grab everything associated with a clip or still including audio tracks and titles?
Apillia98 10:40 AM - 27 December, 2012
My project is a 27-minutes long video which I've just have it done by today morning.
It is an important farewell video for my friends...
Once I want to export it as MPEG-4, it just keep crashing / closed unexpectedly. And I was frustrated!
I read all the post but I still didn't get it. Is it means that I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THE TITTLES and replace it with the new one? @.@
# That would take a whole night! arghhhh!
AnaQ 4:32 AM - 31 December, 2012
This page is a godsend right now! I was getting really tired of trying to find ways to export my anniversary video without it crashing, all I had to do was replace a corrupt title. I was so worried that I'd have to go back and test out each element of my project. That would take HOURS! Just like others said the "Organic Main" is corrupt and will make your project crash time and time again. Stupid, but easy to fix now that you guys helped me identify the problem. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Giammy McMario 12:38 PM - 4 January, 2013
I subscribed here just to say "Thanks!" to everybody who helped to fix this damn problem. I should have finished my project for Christmas, it seemed impossibile to export it.... but now I did it succesfully! However iMovie is such a mess, it crashes at least once every 15 minutes of working. What a shame for Apple engineers. So if you are gonna read it and have the same problem with CRASH during movie EXPORT, just change ORGANIC Title Style in another one you like it and puff! magic, all will work.

Thanks again from Italy.
krysai 5:20 PM - 10 January, 2013
Thankyou Kamilla for your shared information :) Now i can export my video without crash just replace my folder imove project to desktop.. Thankyouu so much :)
Catriona 6:50 PM - 24 February, 2013
Thank you so much - I deleted all the Organic Main and all other Organic text or backgrounds and the program stopped crashing. It was driving me crazy. Thanks again.
CinRedMan 1:34 PM - 25 February, 2013
I stumbled across this thread last night around 2am as I began to fight with iMovie(11) crashing on my system. Created a slide show which includes PIP segments, titles and music. Program was first crashing while adding photos.

Deleted imovie plist files and ran disk utility/repair permissions

"share to media browser" still results in crashes

I've tried many of the suggestions here with little success.
1. renamed aperture library
2. removed titles
3. leveraged disk utility to repair permissions
4. Split video into segments and identified section which continues to cause iMovie to crash

Segment A now shares to media browser with no issues
Segment B, which includes a bunch of PIP segments continues to cause iMovie to crash when sharing to media.

focusing on segment B
5. Removed all title screens; still crashes
6. Removed music; still crashes
At this point, I began to question if iPhoto's db was messed up so I began going through the process of repairing iPhoto by starting it in repair mode (hold OPTION/COMMAND) during startup of iPhoto
7. Repair Permissions; still crashes
8. Rebuild Thumbnails; still crashes
9. Repair Database; still crashes
10. Rebuild Database; in progress
CinRedMan 2:42 PM - 25 February, 2013
Update to my problem, the damn PIP segments are the issue, but I cannot get reliable behavior. I duplicated the project and reduced it to one segment and it worked. This is the most frustrating situation I've ever been in with an Apple product!
CinRedMan 5:10 PM - 25 February, 2013
Update #2
Well, here is how the problem was solved. As reported earlier, I was able to export segment A successfully, but Segment B was a RPITA.

Duplicated Segment B into multiple sub-segments of about 50s each and then successfully exported them.

Post export, imported all segments back into iMovie (yea, I know this is crazy) and then created a brand new project with those segments. Everything works fine with this new project.

For all those still struggling, my sympathy to you cause this one bits big old donkey @#$ks.
jackparker 11:14 AM - 1 March, 2013
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jenny1 2:38 PM - 13 March, 2013
THIS! is awesome. thank you! I changed that effin Organic Main title and it worked. (at least on my test export, I exported it first as tiny-Hope it also goes well in HD) crossing my fingers~

but really, THANK YOU! took me all day. now it's almost midnight and I am just exporting it now... haaay.
debmccull 3:28 PM - 16 March, 2013
I have also had these frustrating experiences with IMovie and tried all the solutions suggested here. What FINALLY worked for me was using an IMovie Theme, instead of trying to do it myself. Wasn't exactly the effect i wanted but it allowed me to "finalize" and export and eventually burn my movie on a DVD. I also upgraded to Mountain Lion. My movie was 1 hr long. Apple really needs to address this issue....IMovie was the whole reason I bought a Mac Book Pro !! Questioning if I'd ever do it again?? Just relieved it is finally finished !!!!
Brand-X 1:04 AM - 23 March, 2013
So glad I found this discussion board. I have been going crazy after spending countless hours on a project only to have it crash iMovie endlessly...until I removed the Organic Main title. Just watched the final video and wanted to send a big thank you!
SPProductions 4:44 AM - 25 March, 2013
We too had the same problem... thanks to this post we went straight for the organic main title to fix. Unfortunately iMovie would crash each time we deleted it until we outsmarted it by deleting it then closing really fast so it would save lol. Worked!
zanadiamonds 12:46 AM - 15 April, 2013

my name is Ariel I red most of what was written here and i came to one solution:
i had same problem which happen lately which was strange because everything works well in the past
the only thing you must do is as Chad said:
DELETE some duplicate files and videos and make sure you have enough space
when i had 9 gb and wanted to share a 1.5 min video clip it crashed but when i had 38gb left it all works well!!
vail23 11:48 PM - 14 May, 2013
I was having this same problem, and was going insane!!! After researching more about this problem, I came to the conclusion that the text "organic main" as well as "pixie dust" is corrupted in imovie. I went back to my video, deleated any of these texts, ( I was using "pixie dust") went to export to itunes, and it worked!!! Hope this helps some of you, as I was very sad when I couldn't export my imovie films.
Sparky6469 4:49 AM - 28 May, 2013
I am a teacher and made a 52 min video for my students of the school year! It's 12:47 am and iMovie has crashed twice during exporting....I have now taken out 2 organic main and PRAYING that it doesn't crash again!! I have to make 25 DVD's.... Looks like I will not be going to bed! It's exporting NOW I will let you know if it works :). Please, I hope it works!!!! Thanks for this awesome sitr
Sparky6469 4:50 AM - 28 May, 2013
Sparky6469 6:41 AM - 28 May, 2013
Yippee!!! 2 hours later but it didn't crash!!!!!! I changed out the Organic Main with the Pixie Dust and it worked!!! Thank you so much!!! Now, I have to start burning 25 DVDs
silversistas 11:59 PM - 7 September, 2013
Thank you for this advice, I went through and deleted my titles, and things exported fine. However after closer examination I realized it was the Picture in Picture effect which was causing my movie to crash. I ended up giving it a 2 second delay in the beginning of the movie per this threads advice:

After delaying the PIP, my movie exported perfectly, first try! Good luck yall.
mars74201videos 7:23 AM - 6 October, 2013
All I did, even though I had pre-keyed effects on the footage, was not change the title and it wouldn't crash. Just change the title after it exports and everything worked out fine, even with pre-keyed footage!
Ravon Nichols 3:47 AM - 17 October, 2013
Praise Jesus, Praise Jesus, oh thank God for you DJ Technig, you have saved me so much heartache and pain.
i have been to the Apple Store, Genuis Bar, on the phone for hours with Technical Support. I have been told my hard drive was bad, that I needed to delete files, 24 GB of free space was the problem.
Oh thank God for you, I love you man, if you ever in Charlotte, Starbucks on me, for sure.
DJ Tecniq 8:37 AM - 17 October, 2013
Glad I could help you all out even those that aren't dj's somehow found my post. It's a serious problem with Imovie. But atleast this post was somewhat helpful for you all and the troubles you dealt with. I knew I wasn't alone on this so all the posts really benefited people.
mtbwalt 1:20 AM - 24 October, 2013
DJ Techniq and Kamilla-

A huge thank you for your helpful posts.

My daughter's school project was due tomorrow and we simply could not export the movie. I tried copying all of the iMovie events and the project and related files to another user account; to another mac; dozens of fixes involving deleting of preference files; removal of various codecs that I thought might be interfering; etc. I even started the download of OS Mavericks thinking that upgrading to the new iMovie might fix the problem, but thankfully Mavericks was taking so long to download i gave up on that one.

Then I hit your post. "Organic Main". Sure enough, she had included that one for a "The End" title that sabotaged the video. Changing it to another effect solved the problem.

DJ Tecniq and Kamilla, if I were nominating for the Nobel prize of helpful internet posts your guys would be at the top of my list. Bless you.
ryanx6 3:03 AM - 3 November, 2013
I am having similar issues. I am trying to post a 4 minute movie - it crashes everytime I try to share to youtube with about 3 minutes left in the uploading process. I wasn't using Organic Main but I just deleted all the text off of it just to be safe. Still crashing.

Just a couple weeks ago I uploaded with no trouble. I do have quite a few of the video effects on it - could this be causing the problem? I hate to take them off if that isn't the issue but this is ridiculous.

I am using Bleach Bypass, Cartoon, Aged Film... (it is a Thriller music video so the effects are kind of necessary...)

Vince19 1:44 AM - 27 November, 2013
Thanks a lot to DJ Tecniq for this super answer.
I had 3 or 4 videos with this problem and the only solution I found was to use a screen capture program !!! But this did not work very well!! I spent hours to try to solve the problem... without finding a solution until today.

I removed the "organic main" from this video... And everything worked fine !!! Thanks à lot for this simple solution to a recurring issue.
1000000 thanks

Vince (from Belgium)
harrisbn 3:29 AM - 31 December, 2013
Hey use wanted to say thanks a lot to this forum! Luckily I stumbled across it while googling - I removed the Organic title and the circle transition and - Ta Da! - my iMovie export went through fine! I was working on a 72 minute iMovie with perhaps 20 titles and 20 transitions (family vacation) and I was ready to pull my hair out. Thanks again to everyone!

- Harris
Vince19 1:51 AM - 3 January, 2014
Sorry, I had also to thank Kamilla as it is her who seems to have discovered the glitch in iMovie ! (see the post on Feb 19, 2012 at 10:27 a.m.)!
So thanks to both of you DJ Techniq AND Kamilla !!!

I think that you gave a lot of fun to many people on the planet !
I wish you all a Happy New Year !

Vince (Belgium)
Sib63 4:07 PM - 22 January, 2014
Hey use wanted to say thanks a lot to this forum! Luckily I stumbled across it while googling - I removed the Organic title and the circle transition and - Ta Da! - my iMovie export went through fine! I was working on a 72 minute iMovie with perhaps 20 titles and 20 transitions (family vacation) and I was ready to pull my hair out. Thanks again to everyone!
- Harris

I could not export my Imovie to a flash drive or anywhere else as it kept quitting unexpectedly. I read this thread of posts about "Organic Main" but I did not have that title page in my project. I did, however, have several "circle in" and "circle out" transitions. I replaced those as Harris suggested above and it worked. I was able to upload to You Tube.
If you don't have "Organic Main" in your project and it still keeps crashing, try taking out the circle transitions if you have them.
Thank you! I had to start another project but did not want to until I solved this problem.
JustJo81 10:44 AM - 16 July, 2014
THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! I thought I was going crazy as it's the first time imovie has crashed on me without it being through lack of space. I removed the organic transitions and it worked a treat, thank you!
panheimer22 8:11 PM - 7 September, 2014
Wooow, I can't believe that the "organic title " issue is bothering people since so long... This thread just saved my girlfriends macbook to be threw out of the window by her!
I'm so glad I found this info!
Andyeric 3:23 PM - 28 February, 2015
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Scrabo 8:06 PM - 19 April, 2015
Thanks to all of you who have commented on IMovie crashing while trying to share. I have been creating 3 or 4 movies each year and experienced no problems until last week. I have being going crazy trying to figure out why my recent project crashes every time I try to "share". This forum gave me the clue that it could be the titles. My project did not have Organic Main anywhere but I did use Pixie Dust. After reading the comments in this forum, I removed the Pixie Dust titles (2) and BINGO, everything worked.
Again, thank you all for saving my sanity.
Free Man 2:28 PM - 24 April, 2015
A recent update was just released for iMovie. My computer just gave me the update last night
DiamondDiva 1:01 AM - 21 May, 2015
THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! This post was all I needed before I lost my mind with this iMovie craziness!!!
lanicert 7:02 PM - 23 June, 2015
Thank you SO much! I was having this same problem. I kept trying to upload videos over and over and it would crash minutes before the (hours long) upload was complete. The upload time kept getting longer and longer each new time that I would try. I even shut down the computer and restarted it. But I found this discussion and remembered that I was using a title which I hadn't used before. For me it wasn't the Organic Main title but the Soft Bar White title. I switched it out for my old faithful Lower Third and it worked like a charm. I can't tell you how grateful I am!
margratecook 7:31 AM - 26 July, 2015
You can export your movies from iPhone to other devices with iTunes. Just connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes. Select movies/TV shows to tick "Sync" to export them and save them on your computer. Of course, you can try iPhone Transfer as well.
LosAlmendros 3:38 PM - 3 November, 2015

Thank you Kamilla for debugging. The Organic Main Title, still makes your project corrupt, and export/build is not possible. When removed it works fine. Tanks
Nick D 1:10 PM - 12 February, 2016
I now have this problem:
iMovie crashed when sharing to file and sharing to Theatre. Now, on restart it crashes by itself, a background task appears to be trying to continue the share, so iMovie is now unusable.
How do I kill the background task that is apparently causing iMovie to crash?
How to I recover the movie in question so that I can share it?

Any help gratefully received
Nick D 1:13 PM - 12 February, 2016
I forgot to add : - I am on

iMovie 10, & OS X Yosemite (10.10.5
Nick D 3:31 PM - 12 February, 2016
The solution to the problem with the application crashing even though it is idle has been solved by re installing the software and although the file will save to Theatre it still makes iMovie crash after a few minutes when sharing to either file or youtube.....

Any thoughts anyone?
Nick D 6:24 PM - 12 February, 2016
Second problem solved by trial and error.

I checked how far the share to file had got by looking at the file. I deleted the clips closest to the end of the truncated file from the failed share attempt and it still failed. I deleted the last transition - and put the missing clips back and it worked - so it looks as though the original cause of the share to file failing was a problem with one of the transitions.

Hope useful to somebody
kp03 9:08 PM - 17 December, 2016
Hello everyone! I am *really* hoping someone can help me!! I have been working on an anniversary video for my grandparents with iMovie for several weeks now and finally finished it this morning. When I went to export it to iDVD to burn it to a DVD, it kept crashing. After finding this site, I realized it may have been one slide that contained the "organic main" title that could've been causing the problem. I tried to delete the title as well as the entire picture slide. It would remove it and then seconds later iMovie would crash. When I reopened the program, the organic main title would still be there with the picture. I tried to duplicate the project and move it to my desktop as others had mentioned trying. Now, the entire project has gone missing from the project library in iMovie and when I find it under my desktop; it won't let me open it. HELP! I am desperate to figure this out! Thank you for anyone that takes the time to read and respond to this!