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Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Benny Blanco Remix feat. Mos Def & Spank Rock) [Downtown Records]

10:00 PM, 20 Nov 2007
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Kool DJ Sheak One 11:52 PM - 20 November, 2007
Finally, a decent rap treatment to this track.
Spank keeps it hype and Mos always takes his time to do justice (no pun intended) to each song he sings/raps on.
And the chopped up, changed keys, and live bass line make this more playable in a hip hop set.


I'm a Dj, feel my need?
Sheeds 7:37 PM - 21 November, 2007
An instrumental would be nice. I feel like I can play this in a more mainstream setting. Thanks whtlabel.
dj BigWorm 9:47 PM - 26 November, 2007
Feelin tha track tight!
rollasoul 10:23 AM - 28 November, 2007
Agree with Kool DJ Sheak One & Sheeds, nice remix (lovin justice anyway at the moment) but: instrumentals would be essential ... !!
LazyGun 12:01 AM - 29 November, 2007
This track is a great genre switcher in a set from Hip-Hop to Electro House (and vice verca). Lyrics are brilliant,

I use this song as set starter to then finish with the MSTRKRFT remix of the D.A.N.C.E!
rlaci 6:46 PM - 12 December, 2007
Thanks for electro!!!!!

Its great!

I'm looking forward to other decent releases
DJ Prinvale` 4:10 AM - 14 December, 2007
love Justice. Keep more tracks from them coming.

and yeah, an instrumental would be nice.
DJ C.A.P 5:37 PM - 7 May, 2008
Nice track really feedlin the wole track
DJ-SERKUS 7:44 AM - 2 February, 2010
love this track its good to see there is still real hip hop heads out there..keep it comming