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what update ? really ? 1.what ? i didn't know that!

dj luis 9:04 AM - 28 October, 2007
ok... so the club i play on saturdays is part of a group that has two nightclubs about 20yards away from each other - so there's this internal phone line for the different bars and the numbers for the other club...

... end of the night i call the other djbox to see how was it:

luis- hey man: how was your night?
paul- ah.. was ok- packed- stupid bitches i hate them!
luis- was cool- i was running the last version with midi support
paul- what last version?
luis- serato!?
paul- it there a last version? oh shit! i spilled some water in a few cables- i'll call over before i go..

.oO("is there a last version?" he doesn't know?)

paul calls over around 3am and goes like:

paul- what last version?
luis- 1.8! look *proudly takes t-f from the backpack*
paul- what would you use that for?
luis- O_o like, to trigger loops and loads tracks...
paul- i guess i missed a few versions..
luis- which one are you using?

(get ready serato friends and tons of guests)

paul- the one that it's in the cd
dj luis 9:05 AM - 28 October, 2007
he's running in a black macbook and never had problems - he's always browsing in the internet and downloaded a few tunes to play while djing...

i saw him swap to cds, rip a couple cds, get back to the program and keep playing...

... and he's always talking on bebo...

amazing.. imo