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Where on the web to upload a one hour video mix?

MadMaxDj 4:16 AM - 8 December, 2011
As the title says, I now finished (it was past week, now I'm about to start my second) my first video mix...

A one hour 7 minutes banger...but...nowhere to be uploaded...photobucket, youtube, vimeo...all those have 10 minutes limit...


Thanks a million!
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 11:29 PM - 11 December, 2011
Hey MadMaxDj,

I'll move this to the general Video discussion area as the other users in here will probably know where the best hosting sites are :)

11:29 PM, 11 Dec 2011
Discussion moved to Video-SL General Discussion
djnak 1:57 AM - 12 December, 2011
Get a premium vimeo account...I have about 50 1 hour video mixes on vimeo....
marx 2:37 AM - 12 December, 2011
it's all about Vimeo
Dj Ace 4:26 AM - 12 December, 2011
yup vimeo is cracking! 6:59 AM - 12 December, 2011
yep. totally worth the $60.
canicypher 7:59 AM - 19 December, 2011
I agree with everything said here...
Dj Owe 4:56 AM - 31 August, 2012
I have a premium Vimeo account but sometimes when i upload it doesnt accept certin MP4 files. That sucks.
SUBSTANCE 1:26 AM - 26 May, 2015
Just refreshing this.... any new / better places popped up since 2012?
popnwave 12:38 AM - 27 May, 2015
Not really, most video mix sets I see are on Vimeo accounts :/
DJ Tecniq 5:50 AM - 27 May, 2015
Dropbox? Media fire? However Vimeo is super fast and what I use👍🏻
haveboard 10:42 PM - 5 September, 2017
Has the internet come up with a better solution for Video Mixes to not get taken down?
popnwave 11:17 PM - 5 September, 2017
Has the internet come up with a better solution for Video Mixes to not get taken down? is good, if it comes out of it's rut over the next few weeks. Also supposedly Facebook is getting into the licensing game if they can. Less take downs ahead (fingers crossed).
popnwave 2:49 PM - 6 September, 2017
Annd they were just acquired by another platform! This is good news:
DjSyndic8 4:22 AM - 24 May, 2018

thanks for the info Bro:)